From Frustrated to Fulfilled: A Book for Nurses

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From Frustrated to Fulfilled by Lorie Brown“What a beautiful blend of story and strategy.

Lorie Brown and the nurse authors of ‘From Frustrated to Fulfilled’ weave together solutions in such a heartfelt and authentic way, you can’t help but feel inspired. This group shares the tools you need to step into your greatness as a nurse professional- to be empowered in such a way that you enjoy your practice. The personal growth you will experience as a result of reading this book makes it a must-read for nursing students, new graduates and experienced nurses alike.

Every day it is a true honor to practice nursing and this book is the gentle reminder we all need to express gratitude and appreciation for our magnificent profession.” –Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, Reiki Master & Certified Coach; Author of Bestselling ‘Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds


This book written by nurse authors and put together in such a wonderful way by nurse Lorie Brown of the Empowered Nurse Network is an inspiration to nurses and nursing students worldwide. Why? Because this book is a perfect example of how nursing ‘could’ be.

As Lorie states, ‘When nurses get together and work as a team, they are unstoppable‘. This book is a must-read for every nurse as it is a true testament of transformation. Lorie and her co-authors share stories, strategies and lessons learned so that the entire profession works as a team. When we support each other, in this wonderful way that Lorie and her team of nurse authors do, we can transform all of healthcare.

One of my favorite parts of Lorie’s book is where she takes the reader through the five-step GIFTS system. Now I’ve shared on this blog and in my own books before that I am not a huge fan of stepped systems. To me, every individual is unique and must go through the life lessons to learn- in their very own way. And this is exactly why I enjoyed Lorie’s system.

She points out that it’s not only about reading the steps and understanding the words; it’s about actually using them and doing the work. Each author in this book offers a unique perspective on living an empowered life. Now it’s your job to identify what path resonates most with you. It’s not about who inspires you to make the change… it’s about the fact that you actually take the first step and do so!

Enjoy reading ‘From Frustrated to Fulfilled’. And let me know what you liked best about the book by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading and enjoy the day!


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