Inviting Reiki into Nursing Practice

by | Aug 13, 2014 | 2 comments

Since I have become more clear that Reiki Practice is the self-care modality that I teach to and speak about with nurses, I have received lots more feedback and questions from nursing staff. I recently wrote a FAQ blog post on Reiki Practice, which you can access here, but I also felt that there may still be some uncertainty with regard to how nursing practice can be enhanced with Reiki.

Last week I was blessed with the privilege of having my two nephews (ages 7 & 9) stay with me. When they come to town, my husband and I have so much fun. We are able to laugh, play and live as children again. Taking them to the zoo, the water park and the Children’s Museum was a blast.

Yet this year I noticed something I had not witnessed as much last year. Unconditional love.

My one nephew, Alexander (the 7 year old) is infatuated with my pit bull, Rusty. He was constantly petting him, laying with him and whispering sweet love notes into his soft, floppy ears. I have a TON of photos of the two of them and I was just giddy with enjoying the way he was with my pup.

One of the first days, as we were all sitting around in the basement, and Alexander was loving on Rusty- I realized it. THIS is Reiki. This is unconditional love. This is what healing, health, happiness and balance is all about.

There are many, many energy modalities that can enhance nursing practice. Some I have heard of are healing touch, therapeutic touch, and Reiki Practice. I am sure there are many others. A nurse in my holistic nurse entrepreneur group asked me the other day why my upcoming radio show is solely about Reiki Practice. Her point was that all of the energy modalities are similar in the intention that is brought to the care that is given and received.

I totally agree.

Reiki, like other energy modalities, is about unconditional love. It is about setting a healing intention and letting go of attachment. Reiki Practice is being present and allowing natural flow. Reiki can enhance nursing practice when we invite balance and allow for well-being.

To learn more about Reiki Practice, you can access my most recently released eBook or check out the upcoming Reiki Radio show. What energy modalities have you tried? How do you bring unconditional love into your nursing practice? 



  1. Marti

    Just this past week we had our first patient request for Reiki! He had a sore shoulder that wasn’t being relieved by traditional medical treatments so asked if he could have Reiki. We have an alternative practices or modalities nurse like yourself who helps mostly in the oncology center. One of the other nurses called her and she came and performed a Reiki session with the patient. He was very happy with the results and I expect he will have another this week. I’m so glad we are finally utilizing these alternative modalities in the hospital! It’s about time. Most of the nurses didn’t know what it was and couldn’t pronounce it but I was able tell them. We are slowly evolving in a positive way!

    • Elizabeth Scala

      That is AWESOME, Marti! Great to hear. Thank you for sharing this success. Oh, I wish I could come out there and meet you and all of your nursing team. Enjoy the day, Elizabeth


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