Reiki Practice: A Nurse's Rx for Self-Care by Elizabeth ScalaNot sure what Reiki Practice is all about? Interested by this gentle healing modality Looking for work-life balance? Check out ‘Reiki Practice: A Nurse’s Rx for Self-Care‘, where Elizabeth introduces you to this beautiful resilience modality.

Nursing leadership typically desires a nursing staff that is satisfied, engaged and resilient. Yet far too often, competing priorities come into play. Heavy focus is given to safety, healthcare quality, and patient satisfaction. Nurses are required to spend time and energy on policies and procedures, clinical informatics and regulatory affairs.

How can nursing staff remain engaged when the topic of ‘resilience’ gets quickly bumped from the agenda? In ‘Reiki Practice: A Nurse’s Rx for Self-Care’, Reiki Nurse Elizabeth Scala offers a solution. 

In this quick and easy to read eBook, Scala shares her journey through Reiki Practice with an inside look at each of the Reiki Principles. Elizabeth gently describes Reiki as a healing modality, all the while, applying this therapeutic practice to our nursing careers.

Inviting Reiki Practice into our roles as nurses is complementary care at its best.

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