Care for YOU First

I know, as much as any other nurse, that giving, nurturing, caring, and helping is hard work. While you may have felt called to take care of other people- whether personally, professionally, or in your home- if you don’t care for yourself first and foremost; I can guarantee that you will be absolutely ineffective in your attempts to help.


When you give from an “empty reserve” you most likely:

  • Are counter-productive in what you attempt to do;
  • Become drained, exhausted, tense, and irritable;
  • Give in a feeble, futile, and unsatisfying way;
  • Can come to resent your work and those you help;
  • Will wind up getting sick and needing care yourself. 


I Can Help. I Have Been There.

If you are a nurse- consider learning more about Reiki with me, the Spiritual Practice Nurse.

I am a nurse. A coach. A teacher. A helper. A student. I have lived a life of poor health, exhaustion, disappointment, and overwhelm. I experienced what giving and caring too much can do to the mind-body-heart-emotion-spirit. I can help because I understand. And I care.


After Experiencing Reiki You May Notice:

  • More energy before, during, and after your work day;
  • A greater ability to cope with and handle stress;
  • An enhanced sense of peace, calm, and relaxation;
  • And greater appreciation for yourself, your patients, and the work that you were called to do.


Thank You for Your Service! Now Let Me Serve YOU!

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