Reiki Nurse Elizabeth Scala is a trained Reiki Master Teacher through the Usui Shiki Ryoho method. Elizabeth is ready and excited to train, teach, and mentor you in the beautiful healing modality of Reiki! If you, your nursing group, or nurse’s organization are looking to learn the self-care modality of Reiki, contact Elizabeth today. Elizabeth loves to travel and it’s her pleasure to teach a Reiki training in your area!

I am particularly thankful for having received advanced training from Elizabeth. She is truly passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki. She was eager to share what she has learned and could easily answer my questions. Her style is kind and caring which quickly put me at ease. Although I had not been a faithful practitioner prior to my class, Elizabeth accepted me where I was in very non-judgmental way. -Kim B., MSN/MBA, RN, MD.

Reiki is a spiritual healing modality that allows for rejuvenation, healing, and receiving wellness into your life. Reiki can be an adjunct therapy to Western medicine, as it is a complement to established-care. It can be a source for relaxation and stress reduction. It has been used in the reduction of pain, healing of illness, and as an enhancement to one’s overall well-being.

How can Reiki help you?

After training in Reiki you can experience:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Healing processes within your body, mind, emotion, and spirit
  • Feelings of calm, confidence, and strength
  • Increased clarity and perspective
  • More resiliency and resourcefulness in times of stress
  • A greater ability to handle change
  • The capacity to live the reality of your true potential


Background & Expertise:

Trained Nurses in Reiki Level I & II:

Reiki Level II course at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (2014)

Reiki Level I course at the Johns Hopkins Hospital (2013, 2014)

Created and host a monthly Reiki share for Reiki Nurse Practitioners (2013-present)

Presentated on Reiki as a healing modality:

Reiki Practice for Stress Reduction at the Jacksonville Senior Center (June, 2014)

Healthcare Panel Member at the Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference (November, 2013)

Reiki as a Complementary Therapy: What it is & a Pilot Study at Johns Hopkins (April, 2013)

Palliative Care Noon Conference at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Reiki as a Self-Care Practice at the RejuveNation Collaboration (April, 2013)

Reiki as a Self-Care Modality for Nurses (June, 2011)
Nursing Grand Rounds at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

Published articles written on the Benefits of Reiki in Nursing:

Nurses, like all of us, all have a week, a day, or even a shift where things go anything but smooth. So what can you do to break free from the cycle of stress? How can you lighten the heaviness of tension? Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that invite balance and promote well-being.

Co-Facilitated Reiki Level I and Level II trainings:

For the course: Healing Pathways for the Health Care Professional, which is offered through the Center of Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland.

Elizabeth is available to teach Reiki with your group! She loves to travel and is happy to come to your organization to lead a Reiki training class that will suit your unique needs. Contact Elizabeth Scala to schedule your training today.

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