Reiki Radio Kicks Off with the Reiki Share Project

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The Reiki Share Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Through sharing the gift of Reiki, the organization hopes to empower others as they journey toward healing and balance in their daily lives.

The Reiki Share Project is dedicated to providing Reiki classes to groups of individuals and caregivers facing serious illness, disability, or trauma. Through our classes and community outreach programs, we teach and support Reiki, a complementary healing practice that facilitates health and well-being through self-treatment and treatment of others.

Jane Van De Velde is the president of The Reiki Share Project. A registered nurse with experience in geriatrics, home care, hospice, and program management, Jane holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Rush University in Chicago.

Jane began her Reiki journey in 2003 and knew very quickly that she wanted to develop a professional Reiki practice. As a Reiki Master Teacher, her experience with Reiki includes offering private sessions, developing Reiki curriculum, teaching all levels of Reiki classes, volunteering, and giving community presentations. In 2009, she founded The Reiki Share Project, as a means to introduce the healing practice of Reiki to ever growing numbers of people in the community and within healthcare organizations.

Last April, a nurse from LinkedIn suggested I reach out to Jane, as he felt that she and I had a lot of common interests. I did a little bit of research, started reading some of her published articles, and sent an email introduction. Our relationship has continued and blossomed ever since.

Since Jane and I both teach Reiki to nurses, she was kind enough to share the Reiki Level I manual she developed and uses in her courses. We have shared numerous phone conversations, collaborations and good will. I am honored and glad to know Jane and her organization. I am thoroughly thrilled that Jane and The Reiki Share Project will kick off the Reiki Radio show, starting Monday September 8th at 6 pm Eastern. To learn more about Jane, Reiki and nursing and how this complementary practice can impact our healthcare system, be sure to tune in.

Reiki Radio starts Monday, 9/8 and we look forward to having you listen in. To ensure that you don’t miss any of our upcoming innovative episodes, click on the blue ‘Follow’ button once you land on the show page. For more information and to listen in to Reiki Radio, please click here.


  1. Amy Zirkle

    “Wish By Spirit” author by Joan Young part of her ITP treatment was Reiki.

    • Elizabeth Scala

      Cool thank you, Amy. I will look her up. It would be great to see if she wants to be on the show. Enjoy the day, Elizabeth


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