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Be sure to read ALL of the guidelines when you join the group. Posts that do not follow the guidelines are deleted, so if you post something and it disappears, then you need to re-read the guidelines.

This community is for any and all potential nurses, nursing students, nurse professionals and nurse entrepreneurs who are looking to up-level their nursing career from adequate to awesome. Whether you have read the ‘Your Next Shift‘ book or attended the Your Next Shift Workshop or are just finding out about us (and know you want to rock your nursing career to its fullest potential)- this group’s for you.

You will receive tips, techniques and strategies from the group’s moderator, Elizabeth Scala, on how to love your nursing career in such a way that it never feels like ‘work’ again. This group is about connection and community, not spam or promos. You may ask your career-based questions as well as any others nursing related, and we will do our best to answer them.

Weekly Topics

Here is the list of weekly topics to help you stay on track. You may post directly to the wall any time except Friday, when we have a dedicated thread for promos.

Action Monday – Share a statement that commits yourself to moving you and your nursing career forward. Think about the one thing you want to get done during the week’s time in order to kick that nursing career into high gear!

Intention Wednesday- Post an inspiring quote, image, or intention that you set for the rest of your work-week. Maybe there is one word that sums up your forward momentum. Or a feeling that describes your visualization. Share how you will get things done for the rest of the week ahead.

Promo Friday- Share what you love, and ask for help for promoting it if you’d like. Promotion is NOT to sign up people in this group, although that may happen. Leave easy cut and paste copy for us to Tweet, post on Facebook, or otherwise promote, and let us know who your target audience is. There is a specific link for this on Fridays. Posts to the wall or Spam will be deleted.

Promoting directly to the wall is prohibited. You may promote on the Friday thread only. Do not post your promotions as “Celebrations” or “Gratitude.” Excessive promotion will result in your removal from the group. Setting promotions through Hootsuite, Buffer, or another auto-posting system will result in removal and banishment.

Thank you for being here and we look forward to an active and engaging community setting!

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