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Liz1I’m Elizabeth Scala, your hostess for the Art of Nursing.

Nursing is a profession filled with wisdom and expertise. Yet, for too long we’ve attempted to fix problems like staff turnover and burnout with the same mindset that created them. NOW is the time for change. NOW is the time for some fun, creative, out-of-the-box thinking!

The Art of Nursing is a digitally packaged, virtual program that provides busy nurses with practical tips for stress reduction, improved mindfulness and attention to the present moment, better time management, and more!

It’s an exclusive gathering of nurse pioneers, educators, and consultants with specific knowledge and expertise to help you get back to the healing, patient-focused practice envisioned by Florence Nightingale.

Who is this for?

The Art of Nursing is designed for individual nurses and nursing students worldwide, as well as the organizations that serve them – hospitals, nursing groups and associations, and nursing schools.

How is this going to help me?

This is not your typical “health and wellness” or professional program. It’s a gift with long-term, far-reaching impacts for you, your organization, and (most importantly) your patients.

Consider this:

  • In the workplace, poor health-promoting behaviors in nurses were linked to stress, illness, increased health care costs, obesity, turnover, errors, and poor-quality care. (AbuAlRub, 2004); (Institute of Medicine, 2004)
  • Stress has been implicated as a major contributing factor to poor communication and teamwork, a leading cause of sentinel events. (Joint Commission, 2010)
  • In planning the Art of Nursing, issues such as constantly looking at screens instead of patients, poor team morale, nurse bullying and competitiveness, and lack of staff were repeatedly encountered in polls conducted by the event organizers.

The Art of Nursing has been meticulously crafted with the above statistics and points in mind. The program has been created to celebrate the profession of nursing in a way that empowers you, reignites your passion for nursing, and presents you with tools to improve your ability to manage workplace stress.

This program will leave you feeling:

  • Refreshed, unburdened, and energized in your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Appreciated, valued, and confident of the positive impact you’re making in the world.
  • Present and capable of being fully “in the moment” – both on the job and at home.
  • Motivated and inspired to advocate on behalf of your patients and fellow nurses.
  • Connected to and bolstered by a network of likeminded nurse professionals.

Imagine going back to work after engaging in this program and feeling excited instead of sighing or wishing for the end of your shift. Envision yourself feeling capable and ready to deal with whatever the workplace sends your way because the Art of Nursing has left you feeling cloaked in strength and wisdom and community.

That’s what the Art of Nursing has in store for you!



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What’s included?

Twelve Video Interviews/MP3s and the Series Workbook (over $400 value)

presentation smallYou will receive twelve video lessons (as well as their audio-only versions). Each of these videos will feature one of our fantastic speakers – a group that includes an award-winning filmmaker, celebrated nurse entrepreneurs, and sought-after keynote speakers – sharing their best knowledge on a nursing-related topic that is close to their hearts.

These lessons are yours to keep. They can be downloaded and saved for later viewing/listening. You only need a screen and Internet  connection to participate.

To complement the presentation experience, each attendee also receives our comprehensive series workbook filled with journal questions, handouts, and supplemental reading from our speakers.

Lisa G

Recorded Wrap-Up Calls (Over $50 value)

A guest nurse entrepreneur co-hosts a 45-minute conference call to pull together that day’s presentations. These program “wrap-ups” allow for time to reflect, synthesize and debrief the key themes of the video webinars. They are also a great way to connect you with the rest of the Art of Nursing community.

Private Series Facebook and Linkedin Groups (Invaluable!)

All Art of Nursing attendees are given access to our private, Facebook and Linkedin groups and we can tell you they are the places to be! Our speakers use both groups to spend time interacting with participants, sharing ideas, resources, and additional support.

So, if you’re a nurse or nursing student who could benefit from a strong, supportive and international community of like-minded practitioners, you’ll love these groups!


This program is a wonderful compilation of laughter, learning, sharing and, most importantly, reinvigorating our love for the great work that we nurses have been called to do. Purchase today!


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Meet the 2015 Art of Nursing Faculty (Click Here to Learn More)


Your Hostess


Elizabeth Scala

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN is passionate about helping nurses embody holistic living and embrace self-care. She speaks and writes regularly on the topic of nurse well-being and conducts a free, monthly wellness workshop for busy nurses.

Elizabeth is a Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master’s degrees in both Business and Nursing.

She has authored two books (Back to the Basics: A Nurse’s Pocket Guide to Self-Care and Learning through Experience) and written for Scrubs Magazine and is a monthly contributor to Nurses Together.


Co-Host Synthesizers

These wonderful folks assisted in wrapping up each day, connecting the dots between presentations, and contributing to the insanely useful insights of our diverse group of speakers.


Nurse Keith

Keith Carlson

A nurse since 1996, Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC is the blogger behind the award-winning nursing blog, Digital Doorway and the founder of Nurse Keith Coaching and

An editorial contributor for Working Nurse Magazine,, and MultiBriefs News Service, Keith has been a featured author in several non-fiction nursing books.

Keith is also the co-host and co-founder of RN.FM Radio, a wildly popular Internet radio station devoted to the nursing profession.

Keith’s Website


Laurel Lewis

Widowed at the age of 27, Laurel Lewis (BSN, RN, MA) found her perspectives on life and death radically shifted. Since then she has been on a spiritual quest, learning how to integrate complicated end-of-life issues into daily grace and full living.

Along her journey, Laurel became an expert in her field, helping patients, families, and fellow nurses to navigate the dying process with wisdom, compassion, and dignity. She was even recently consulted by and featured on Showtime’s original series, “Time of Death”.

A poet and dancer, Laurel continues being of service to others through her RN training, private coaching, yoga, and creating workshops and wellness retreats around the world.

Laurel’s Website


Phyllis Quinlan

Throughout her 30+ year career, Phyllis Quinlan has practiced in a variety of emergency, acute care, subacute care and LTC settings, as well as being a Legal Nurse Consultant. In 1994, she founded consulting firm, MFW Consultants to Professionals.

Now Phyllis is also a contributor to National Healthcare Career Network’s Nursing Success TV series with her “Ask Dr. Phyllis” segment and a featured career coach for the AORN Career Center.

A student of Tibetan Buddhist practices, Phyllis promotes balanced living and a healthy work environment as a Feng Shui practitioner.

Phyllis’ Website


Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross, RN, BSN has over sixteen years of combined entrepreneurial and healthcare experience. He previously worked in the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit (CSICU) at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, before founding medical consultancy, Spire Health Partners.

More recently, Kevin is the innovator behind the Innovative Nurse, an organization that supports healthcare providers in achieving their goals as clinicians, entrepreneurs and authorities in their industry. In his “spare” time, he is the co-host of RN.FM Radio, where you can listen in on some of his strategies about advocacy, leadership, business, and technology.

Kevin’s Website

Program Speakers


Beth Boynton on Communication

Beth Boynton is an organizational development consultant, author, and medical improv trainer. Her work focuses on helping healthcare professionals become respectful and effective communicators and collaborative partners in healthcare teams.

She is the author of “Confident Voices: The Nurses’ Guide to Improving Communication & Collaboration” and publishes the blog, “Confident Voices in Healthcare”.

Her YouTube video “Interruption Awareness: A Nursing Minute for Patient Safety” is used as an educational tool by many schools and healthcare organizations and has been viewed over 8900 times in over 40 countries.

Beth’s Website

Lorie B

Lorie Brown on Nurse Empowerment

Lorie Brown, R.N., M.N., J.D., is the founder of Empowered Nurses, a company focused on inspiring and empowering nurses to speak their minds, stand in their power and be change agents to improve patient care while legally protecting their licenses. Through Empowered Nurses, Lorie also gives nurses a forum to exchange ideas and change the practice of nursing for the better.

Herself a dedicated nurse for twelve years, Lorie has practiced in medical-surgical nursing, gynecology, urology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery and home health care. She maintains her license and is a camp nurse every summer, as well as mom to three beautiful kids.

Lorie’s Website


Candace “Candy” Campbell on Florence Nightingale

Candy Campbell is a true multi-talent! Her many titles include award-winning actress/filmmaker and teacher of both improv and presentation skills. She began her nursing career in Psychiatry, working with Vietnam Vets at the VA Hospital in Southern California. That experience led to research about the moral distress of medical personnel working in a war zone and eventually became both a film script and novel called Walking Point.

Candace has written children’s books, including My Mom Is a Nurse and I Was a Preemie, and created three one-woman shows: Whatever Happened To My Paradigm?, Full Frontal Nursing, and Florence Nightingale- Live!, all of which received rave reviews.

Candace’s Website


Donna Cardillo on Nurse Power

Donna Cardillo, RN, is the Inspiration Guru and “Dear Donna” columnist at, as well as an expert blogger at Twice named NJ Business Woman of the Year, she has appeared on the Today show and been featured in the Los Angeles Times.

Donna’s accomplished career combines over 25 years of clinical nursing, managerial and business experience. Now she travels the world helping women and healthcare professionals to be happy in their careers and reach their full potential.

Donna is also author of multiple books, including The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses – Practical Advice for Thriving at Every Stage of Your Career.

Donna’s Website

Pat Farrell

Pat Farrell on Purpose and Spirituality

Pat Farrell has 35 years in healthcare, fulfilling the roles of hospital, office and industrial nurse, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant, as well as Women’s Health Director in hospital marketing. As a speaker/facilitator, she enjoys helping women and men understand the power they hold to change other’s lives and believes we can best live our individual purpose by knowing who we are and who we are not.

Pat’s honors include being named Employee of the Year during her hospital work, a “Search for Excellence” award recipient from the North Carolina Nurses’ Association, and selection for attendance at North Carolina’s “Institute for Nursing Excellence.” She is also past president of North Carolina’s Top 100 Nurses.

Pat’s Website


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Vicki Hess on Energy and Engagement

Vicki Hess helps employees and leaders shift their thinking and create a positive and productive work environment. She’s an expert in employee engagement and workforce and leadership development, with 30+ years of business and healthcare experience.

A highly-regarded speaker/facilitator, Vicki is one of 215 women in the world to have earned a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation; and in 2013, she was voted a TOP 5 Healthcare Speaker by for the third year in a row.

A former adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Business, Vicki is author of four books and has written for Hospital & Health Network, Becker’s Hospital Review, and the Baltimore Business Journal.

Vicki’s Website


Tracey Long on Nurse Education

A nurse for 28 years, Tracey Long has worked in critical care and cardiology and developed Spanish-language programs in health education. A Ph.D. student in Nursing Education, she is on the faculty of Nursing at the College of Southern Nevada.

A talented speaker/facilitator, Tracey earned the Educator of Excellence Award and has served as keynote speaker for an assortment of nursing school graduations, career fairs, and online learning opportunities.

She’s also written three children’s health books, spent time as a health missionary in Colombia, and escorted nurses and students on service-learning trips to Belize, Peru, and other developing countries.

Tracey’s Linkedin Profile


Helene Neville on Nurse Health and Wellness

Helene Neville has 29+ years’ experience in nursing and community service. While a Community Health Education Consultant for the Iowa Department of Public Health, she was awarded the Governor’s Seal for Community Service and the Des Moines Key to the City.

In 1999, Helene parlayed her interest in health and fitness to launch Well-Fit, LLC, a corporate health and fitness consultancy; and in 2010, she released her first book, Nurses in Shape: The Right Dose!

An avid marathoner, Helene has participated in marathons from Boston to London, as well as multiple bodybuilding competitions.

Helene’s Website


Kim Richards on Self-Harmony and Healing

As a nurse and an executive recruiter, Kim Richards, RN, NC-BC, became increasingly aware of the “revolving door” of nurses in acute care facilities. She interviewed hundreds of these nurses and noticed a common theme emerging: nurses experiencing signs and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.

Kim combined her passion for nursing, fitness, and coaching, with her research on the science of self-care to found the Self-Care Academy, LLC, a comprehensive program dedicated to improving employee engagement, peer relationships, and creating an optimum healing environment for patients.

Kim lives in Colorado, where she teaches aerobics and enjoys traveling.

Kim’s Website


Diane Sieg on Focus, Calm and Spirit of Nursing

Diane Sieg RN, CYT, CSP is an emergency room nurse turned professional speaker, published author, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher. Through her work, she shows you how to improve your health, happiness, and bottom line from the boardroom to the bedside.

A high-energy keynote speaker, Diane uses heartfelt stories to set a positive tone and prepare audiences to receive her message of life balance and self care.

Diane is also the author of STOP Living Life Like an Emergency!, 30 Days to Grace; The Practice Guide to Achieve Your Ultimate Goals, Chaos to Calm in 30 Days and Your Mindful Year.

Diane’s Website


Renee Thompson on Inner Heroes

Renee Thompson has 23+ years healthcare experience, including: clinical practice, nursing education, quality management, and executive leadership. This comprehensive experience has afforded her the ability to view the delivery of healthcare from a 360° perspective.

Today, as CEO and President of RT Connections, LLC, Renee educates, connects, and inspires current and future nurses. She is also a sought-after speaker who presents nationwide on improving clinical and professional competence; eliminating nurse-to-nurse bullying; effective communication and leadership; building a positive and healthy workplace; and helping nurses to realize their full potential.

Renee’s Website


Sharon Weinstein on Balance, Attitude and Mindset

Sharon Weinstein, MS, CRNI, RN, FACW, FAAN is a holistic nursing professional specializing in workforce-related issues, balance, and fatigue/stress management. She has over thirty years of progressive clinical, education, and administrative experience in all settings.

Sharon is a student of continuous learning and empowers others to seek their potential. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the American College of Wellness, Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois, College of Nursing, and a member of the professional advisory board for Kaplan University.

More recently, Sharon was recently elected to the AHNA Board of Directors.

Sharon’s Website


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Get the Art of Nursing for yourself…

presentation smallWhen you purchase the Art of Nursing virtual program you’ll get instant (and unlimited) access to digital downloads of:

    • PDF Workbook chock-full of speaker notes, articles, inspirational exercise and more! (Valued at $97.00)
    • Downloadable videos and audios of the week’s events (over eight hours of content valued at $897.00)
    • Access to both the LinkedIn and Facebook groups for the event. (The networking, connections and relationships are invaluable and no price can be attached to the supportive community that builds and grows throughout the week and beyond.)

Enjoy the conversations on your own time and at your own pace by watching or listening to each one!

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If you’d like to bring this content “in house”, we’ll give you all you need to share with your nursing staff, student body group or nurses’ association. Talk to our Art of Nursing team to determine the best way to have your team set up!

Here’s what one organization had to say:

“I want to thank you for putting together the wonderful Art of Nursing program.  We purchased an organizational subscription as a Nurses’ week gift for our clinical staff.  They all were delighted with the program’s content, the support for their practice and personal growth, the opportunity to “meet” nursing leaders that they might not otherwise know and the chance to earn CEUs.  What a great learning opportunity for each of us. I and my staff look forward to your future programs.” -Helen Imbernino, Vice President, Clinical Solutions; Quantum Health, Inc.

And a nurse from another organization who received this as a Nurse’s Week gift:

“The Art of Nursing program was wonderful and I am so glad our organization paid for all of the nurses to join and participate! Thank you so much!” – Sarah BSN, RN, Akron Children’s Hospital, Ohio

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Praise for the Art of Nursing 2014!

Join the 2016 Art of Nursing Online Conference (Click Here to Learn More)

  • The Art of Nursing was full of inspiring as well as practical presentations that would help any nurse with their practice or career. But you knew that. What you did not know was that this seminar was flawlessly planned and executed. Elizabeth’s Scala’s commitment to purpose, technology, organization and creativity was clearly demonstrated by this program. This program is at the leading edge of what nursing education shall and will be in the future. With a generous mix of live phone meetups, (interspersed with videos and emails), I never felt alone. Sorry to see the seminar end, I look forward to the next event that Elizabeth produces. -Susan Rose MSN, RN, Adjunct Professor, Penn State University, Nursing Informatics
  • Wonderful program! Enjoyable from start to finish! – Patricia Awad, RN
  • I felt like the Art of Nursing allowed me to get back in the “emotion” and spiritual drive of nursing. I have only been a nurse for a little over two years and I feel like those first two years were spent learning and gaining knowledge. This helped to realize the heart part of nursing. -Jennifer C., RN from Ohio
  • Elizabeth did a great job with all the interviews. I thought they were well organized, interesting, and all inclusive. -Elaine Churney
  • This program came at just the right time for me and was very inspiring. I will definitely look forward to the next one. -Danielle Bower, BSN, RN
  • Thank you Elizabeth for putting this wonderful even together! I am so grateful for all the valuable info I received from you and all the speakers. I am inspired and know this has made a difference in how I approach my daily life as a nurse and human being. – Jessica B. RN, BSN, California
  • Thank you for the seminar, very nicely done, extremely convenient. What I liked the best was the focus on us. – Heidi Quinn, RN, Epic ADT/Prelude Application Coordinator
  • Fabulous. Refreshing. Thank you for giveing me the “happiness” back. And many thanks for grounding me back to where I wanted to be. -Beth C.
  • The Art of Nursing made appreciate what I do. It’s not just about the skills but the compassion for people as well. The program was well organized. It’s a modern way to connect with nurses all over the country. -Rose Mae Lopez, RN, BSN Youngstown, OH
  • The “Art of Nursing” series provided the participants with excellent information and techniques to help us as nurses to be more productive, relaxed, less stressed, informed and much happier in our jobs. The “Art of Nursing” also provided many of us with the tools to help us recognize when we need a break, how to de-stress in a few short minutes and deal with the many issues we face on a daily basis. Many thanks to Elizabeth and her colleagues for putting together these wonderful interviews, lessons and discussions that we can keep FOREVER to look back and review as needed. The best investment one can make for the price! – Marti H. from Southern CA. BSN, RN, PHN, CRRN
  • Elizabeth, I’m listening to the videos and the real star in each one is YOU.  -Pat Farrell
  • Great series! It increased my enthusiasm and passion for nursing! A.K., Seattle, WA
  • I looked forward to each session and was saddened when the week was over. Every day was positive and left me thinking about how to incorporate these skills concepts into my practice. Hoping for next year’s webinars! Sign me up now! – Barb Macfie RN, MSN CHPN
  • The Art of Nursing program was a great and convenient way to enhance my education, gain insight into new ideas in nursing, and be encouraged. Thank you for organizing this event!! I look forward to the next one!! SC Uniontown, Ohio
  • I really enjoyed how each speaker was truly excited about the nursing profession and you could really tell they wanted to get nurses excited about continuing our nursing journey and wanted to help us improve in our journey. – Sara W., RN
  • The honesty and true compassion were refreshing. I entered the program as a nursing student. I left as a transformed and enlightened human being more excited than ever to share that gift with my future Hospice patients. – Shanne Barcott
  • Elizabeth – you are amazing! What a visionary approach to celebrating nurses and nursing. I have loved listening to the recorded programs, including the wrap-ups; I am honored to be a part of the faculty, and I applaud you for what you have brought to the nursing community. Many thanks. – Sharon Weinstein
  • Listening to “The Art of Nursing” a Webinar series (weeklong interviews) as part of my “self care” for nurse’s week. THANK YOU Elizabeth Scala. The interview with Helene Neville was well worth the price of the seminar – I’ve listened twice already. – Barbara via Facebook
  • The Art of Nursing event served as meaningful stress relief and inspiration during Nurses Week. From start to finish, this event focused on tips, tools, and strategies to help prevent caregiver fatigue. Thanks so much for this authentic event that was truly focused on the health and wellness needs of nurses. – Erica MacDonald RN, BSN, MSN (
  • Thank-you for such a rich & wonderful program. -Debra James, RN from Maryland
  • Take this opportunity to learn about current nursing topics that affect all caregivers. These webex videos were thought-provoking and well done! -Tina Louise Gearhart, BSN, RN, Ohio
  • It really opened my eyes to new ways of thinking about nursing, the art of nursing and how to utilize that in my practice. -Heather S, RN, CPN, Ohio
  • I liked that real nurses who have worked in various settings were the ones who actually presented the material and shared their experiences. -Beth D, RN, Ohio
  • All of the resources are very helpful. Thank you very much for such an energizing and thoughtful education session. -Cheryl Christ-Libertin, DNP, CPNP-PC, Evidence-based Practice Coordinator
  • Good advice and nice summaries at the end of each day. Thank you for organizing this program. I found it both useful and mobilizing. -Lori M., Washington
  • The nurses who presented at the Art and Science of Nursing conference are really living their passions and walking their talk. The mood of the series was always positive and upbeat. The can do attitude is inspiring and contagious. The wrap up phone calls allowed us viewers to contribute and to solidify the day’s information and to have closure. Lots of breathing and upbeat music to move to allowed me to relax into each video from a busy day at work. A huge thank you and hugs. -Pauline Wilder RN MSN AHN-BC TBP
  • All of the information that was shared is very helpful to all nurses no matter what specialty/field of nursing we choose. All of the nurses interviewed are very passionate, and reminded me of why I became a nurse. –NB, RN from Ohio
  • I found the presentations to be very refreshing and uplifting.  I was skeptical at first, but found great comfort in the positive messages that were forthcoming.  I am a seasoned Pediatric Nurse who is functioning in a research business setting…..but I am still a nurse, think like a nurse and will always be a nurse.  I now utilize the communication skills learned in nursing school to interact with business associates.   As Pat Farrell so nicely explained, we each have a purpose, and we just need to come to an understanding of what that purpose is.   After struggling with the decision of whether to return to the bedside, I have achieved a peace that in my current role, I am able to help children to obtain medications and therapies in the research setting, that they would otherwise be unable to access. -Maryan Mathis, MS, RN-BC, CCRC Ohio
  • What a joy to be a part of this program and to listen to, and learn from my fellow presenters. Elizabeth is a wonderful facilitator; she has an art of sharing. –Tracey Long
  • I loved looking at other things that affect our job in nursing other then the clinical skills and book knowledge. We need to be more aware of the present, surroundings, get in touch with our spiritual feelings because it affects everyone we come in contact with along, but also has an effect on our health. –Mary B., RN
  • The sessions were brief which allowed the ability to view more easily –Monica S.
  • How would I describe the Art of Nursing: motivational, inspirational, educational, enjoyable, enlightening, and worthwhile. My favorite part of the program was the proud feeling I walked away with after I listened to all the speakers. The motivation and inspiring interviews reiterated why I went into this profession. –Donna Barnett, RN
  • So grateful to Elizabeth Scala for putting together Art of Nursing. Such a needed program for all nurses. –Lorie Brown
  • In this age of technology, nurses sometimes become overwhelmed with the changes taking place in our workplace. This may be a small change, maybe in transfer practices;or a huge change perhaps from paper charting to electronic charting. Donna’s statement about change made it all too clear. Without change, there is no growth; change is inevitable. -Jolan D., PA

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andrew lopez

Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez is a Registered Nurse and owner of the Nursefriendly National Directories. On he guides nurses through starting businesses and promoting themselves on Social Media, as well as how to boost their exposure, traffic and sales using Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Connect with Andrew: His Website | On Twitter


Erica MacDonald

Erica MacDonald RN, BSN, MSN is the blogger in charge at and a small business owner. In addition to being a nurse entrepreneur enthusiast, she helps a variety of professionals Nurse Their Small Business to Life via the information and education on her blog. Her passions includes social media, writing, and entrepreneurship.

Connect with Erica: Her Website | On Twitter


Brittney Wilson

Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, (aka The Nerdy Nurse) is a Clinical Informatics Nurse practicing in the Atlanta area. She loves combining technology and healthcare to improve patient outcomes and is a patient, nurse and technology advocate. Brittney is also author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and blogs regularly about nursing, technology, healthcare, parenting and various lifestyle topics at

Connect with Brittney: Her Website | On Twitter


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Has nursing become too focused on science and technology? The Art of Nursing looks at how we can bring back that special, healing presence to the practice of being a nurse.

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

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