Elizabeth Has Spoken On:

•    Nurse burnout, career engagement, and resilience
•    Creating healthy work-life balance
•    Enjoying health, self, and life through strategic play
•    Foundational pieces, action steps, and sustainability plans for well-being
•    Spiritual practices: meditation, mindfulness, journaling, breath, Reiki
•    Energy healing: mindset shifts, heart-set transitions, opening up to receptivity
•    Balancing doing with being as a means to enjoy more productivity
•    Affirmations, vision work, goal setting & achievement

Your keynote was very good and served as tonic for us. It helped us understand that we own, take charge and be deliberate about creating a positive environment. Thank you!

Katie Boston-Leary

CNO & Senior VP of Patient Care Services, Union Hospital

As the keynote, Elizabeth presented excellent information at the South Dakota State Nurses Convention on Leadership in Nursing. She shared innovative ideas to enable nurses to connect with the internal motivation that impact sustainable shifts for the nursing profession.

Margie B. Washnok

APRN, MS, DNP, South Dakota Nurse’s Association President

Previous Speaking Events

•    2018 23rd Annual State of the Art Nursing Conference for Nebraska Medicine
•    2018 Morristown Medical Center Certified Nurses Day
•    2017 Community Hospital North Professional Development Series Kickoff
•    2017 Health Care Education & Training Wisconsin Department of Public Health Annual Training
•    2017 Levine Cancer Institute Carolinas HealthCare Nursing Leadership Series
•    2017 Kaiser Permanente of Maryland Nurse’s Week
•    2017 Vizient Southeast Nurse Executive Council & Physician Leader Network
•    2016 National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses of Canada Conference
•    2016 WellStar Health System Nursing Leadership Retreat
•    2016 ANA Idaho Nurses Association Convention
•    2016 Resurrection University Nursing Honor Society Induction
•    2016 Clinical Nurse Leader Association Annual Conference

Elizabeth Scala presented a special session on “Burnout” for our Nurse Executive Council & Physician Leadership joint meeting and received very high satisfaction scores from everyone in the group.  Elizabeth has an energetic humorous presentation style that totally engaged and captivated the group. There was no one in the room who could not relate to the information she was presenting …or did not take away something positive, valuable and memorable.

Sandra L. Karseras, MBA, RN

Sr. Director , Vizient Southeast

More Speaking Experience

Live Events:

  • Nebraska Medicine State of the Art Nursing Conference
  • Morristown Medical Center Certified Nurses Day
  • Community Hospital North Professional Development Series Kickoff
  • Health Care Education & Training Wisconsin Department of Public Health Annual Training
  • Levine Cancer Institute Carolinas HealthCare Lunch N Learn Nursing Leadership Series
  • Kaiser Permanente of Maryland Nurse’s Week
  • Vizient Southeast Nurse Executive Council and Physician Leadership Network
  • NES Healthcare Group, Inc. Nurse Leader Conference
  • WellStar Health System Nurse Leader Retreat
  • National Association of PeriAnesthesia Nurses Annual PeriAnaesthesia Conference Keynote Speaker: Toronto, Canada
  • ANA Idaho Annual Convention Keynote Speaker
  • Resurrection University Nursing Honor Society Induction Keynote Speaker
  • Clinical Nurse Leader Association Annual Conference Keynote Speaker
  • Carolinas Healthcare System Annual Research Symposium Keynote Speaker
  • Wyoming Nurse’s Association Annual Convention Keynote Speaker
  • The District of Columbia Trauma Injury Prevention Coordinator’s Collaborative
  • Annual Celebration of Reiki Conference
  • National Nurse’s Health Institute Annual Conference
  • South Dakota Nurse’s Association Annual Convention Keynote Speaker
  • Jacksonville Senior Center
  • Union Hospital Nurse’s Week Keynote Speaker
  • Mid-Atlantic Reiki Conference
  • American Holistic Nurse’s Association, Philadelphia Chapter
  • Chelsea Senior Living Nurse Leadership Retreat
  • Maryland Nurse Association Annual Convention
  • American Holistic Nurse’s Association, Main Line Philadelphia Chapter
  • American Holistic Nurse’s Association, Maryland Chapter
  • Physician’s Roundtable Conference
  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • The Maryland Athletic Club

Virtual Appearances:


More Client and Participant Testimonials

“Elizabeth was the keynote at Nurse-Family Partnership’s Pennsylvania State Conference. She was a dynamic and engaging speaker that provided strategies to incorporate self-care into our nursing practice. Elizabeth has an amazing ability to connect with the audience and have them actively participate throughout the presentation. We were lucky to have her be part of the conference” Wendy O’Shea, M.Ed., RN, CCE, Nurse Consultant, Nurse-Family Partnership




“Elizabeth was an excellent keynote speaker at our nursing day event. Her presentation was interactive and engaging. Elizabeth’s discussion on nursing from within reminded us that self-reflection and active mindfulness can significantly impact how we feel, think, and respond to any given situation. Changing our thinking in turn can affect our patient care and outcomes. Elizabeth was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was very well organized and communicated frequently to make sure everything was on target. Elizabeth delivered a great message and made our event a success!!!” Amanda McCauley BSN, RN, OCN, Vice President of the Greater Louisville Oncology Nursing Society



“Elizabeth was the perfect Keynote speaker for Nebraska Medicine’s State of the Art nursing conference. She has the ability to genuinely connect with nurses and provide practical tools and information so that nurses are reminded why they joined the profession and can keep themselves healthy in the future” Kaylie Guinan, MSN, RN-BC, Clinical Education Lead Nursing Professional Practice & Development, Nebraska Medicine


“Working with Elizabeth was an absolute pleasure. HCET strives to provide quality training and educational content to state-supported family planning programs, and Elizabeth’s presentation was a high-quality breath of fresh air! Nurses, nurse practitioners, clinic administrators, and support staff could all benefit from Elizabeth’s perspective on and enthusiasm for burnout prevention and self-care for helping professionals. Elizabeth is organized, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your passion and wisdom!” Carly Marco, Wisconsin Services Training Manager, Health Care Education and Training, Inc.

“As the keynote speaker, Elizabeth Scala was the kickoff for our Professional Development series for our nursing staff. She shared innovative ideas and techniques to refresh what brought us to nursing in first place. Elizabeth’s energetic presentation style kept all our nurses engaged. Thank you, Elizabeth!” Nancy Campbell, MS, RN-CB; Education Specialist Coordinator; Community Hospital North


Kim Froehlich“Levine Cancer Institute has the amazing opportunity to host Elizabeth Scala, MSN, MBA, RN at our recent monthly Leadership Lunch N Learn session. She was inspiring, engaging, witty, and taught the teams techniques for self-care. Just what we needed to survive the fast-paced, dynamic oncology world we live in. Elizabeth helped the teams to reconnect with their purpose and their “why” they chose healthcare as a profession. A great experience for LCI!” Candice Roth, MSN, RN; Assistant Vice President – Central Region Operations, Nursing & Quality; Levine Cancer Institute Carolinas HealthCare System


Nicci Chow“I felt very fortunate to have had Elizabeth present at our National Association of Perianaesthesia Nurses conference. Ms. Scala brought attention to the fact that burnout not only affects the health of the nurse but also affects those in which they care for. In a time when the future of health care is uncertain, health care providers are in a difficult position to provide optimal care when they may not feel 100% engaged with their own practice. Ms. Scala has given us strategies to help manage stressful emotions within ourselves and realize that positive change begins within us. Thank you Elizabeth for encouraging the discussion on burnout in the nursing profession. You have brought a wealth of insight to our Perianaesthesia Nurses and I hope your message continues to inspire others!” Nicci Chow, RN, BScN, Co-Director of Communications, Ontario Perianaesthesia Nurses Association

Kim Froehlich“Thank you again for your time at the ANA Idaho conference.  Your presentation was engaging, uplifting, and inspirational.  It was refreshing to hear your career path and how you have navigated the world of nursing and healthcare to move through taking care of patients, to finding yourself, and now caring for nurses.  Your insight was powerful and really set the stage for a wonderful conference with an engaged audience ready to embrace the challenges ahead with renewed sense of confidence.  You brought a wonderful energy to the day and we were so pleased to have you with us.” Kim Froehlich, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, ANA Idaho President

Veronica Rankin“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the wonderful information you shared. Although I heard you speak on mindfulness before, it seems that every time I hear you speak I gather different “golden nuggets” to apply to my practice and personal life. Your presentation is valuable to anyone regardless of their job title or area of practice. Thank you again for sharing it at our conference.” Veronica Rankin MSN, NP-C, CNL, RN-BC, CMSRN, Clinical Nurse Leader Association Conference Organizer; Charlotte, NC


Gayle L Casterline, PhD, RN, AHN-BC Caring Nurse Scientist, Carolina Health System Charlotte, NC“Elizabeth Scala is youthful, entertaining, and a confident speaker! She offered a fresh perspective on the use of technology while promoting a caring patient experience. She enthusiastically addressed staff nurses from across our system regarding the need to care for self and colleagues. Interactive with the audience, she encourages reflection, discussion, and opportunities for self-awareness and growth.” Gayle L Casterline, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, Caring Nurse Scientist, 5th Annual Research Symposium Carolina Health System Conference Organizer; Charlotte, NC


Washnok-Margie113x104“As the keynote, Elizabeth presented excellent information at the South Dakota State Nurses Convention on Leadership in Nursing. She shared innovative ideas to enable nurses to connect with the internal motivation that impact sustainable shifts for the nursing profession. Elizabeth also incorporated entrepreneurial methods and process for the future of nursing practice. She provided nurses with methods to build nursing leadership within the nursing workforce. I would encourage all nurses to attend Elizabeth’s presentations as she is a very dynamic speaker, engages the audience in the presentation, and encourages attendees to verbalize their ideas/experiences.” Margie B. Washnok APRN, MS, DNP; South Dakota Nurse’s Association President

tracey“Elizabeth’s business background and nursing experience are a perfect blend for teaching the nurse entrepreneur how to combine passions into profit. She presents with ease and a gentle spirit that’s inspiring. I would recommend Elizabeth as a speaker to other nursing groups because she knows how to blend the science and soul of nursing.” Tracey Long RN, PhD, MS, MSN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN; National Nurse’s Health Institute Conference Organizer


katie-08“Your keynote was very good and served as tonic for us. It is always helpful to get staff to stop and smell the roses and gain some learning about deliberately putting our positive energy and words to pull in the same versus the negative.  It also helped us understand that we own, take charge and be deliberate about creating a positive environment. Thank you!” Katie Boston-Leary, CNO & Senior VP of Patient Care Services, Union Hospital


Costa-2013-web“Elizabeth Scala presented the session to a full room of attendees at the Maryland Nurse Association conference.  She showed great enthusiasm in her presentation style and engaged the audience in interactions throughout the time.  Elizabeth linked roles of a nurse and coach discussing self-care and patient care.  Using a visioning exercise, she talked about change and setting goals.  Elizabeth used table groups for informal discussions and sought feedback with an open manner.  The end of the presentation engaged the audience in an activity. We all enjoyed Elizabeth’s presentation which was so different and stimulating after attending lectures most of the day.” Linda L. Costa, RN, Maryland Nurse’s Association Treasurer



lori minky headshot“Elizabeth’s presentation was refreshing and much needed after the intensive work we got done.  I am usually expecting the typical breathe in and out and count to four kind of stuff, but her work is funny (instant stress relief) and innovative in that she really connects with your current stress.  I loved it and hope to work with her again.” Lori ‘Minky’ Radcliffe, RN, Fitness Nurse Consulting, New Jersey


donna barnett“Hi Elizabeth. You may have heard this several times before, but there is something about your personality and delivery that is calming, supportive, loving, caring and relaxing. I am sure it is in part due to your passion for what you are doing, but I so thoroughly enjoy listening to you.” Donna Barnett, RN – San Fransisco Bay Area


CassandraHI have requested for Elizabeth Scala to present “The Rejuvenation Sensation Technique” for two organizations I am a part of.  Elizabeth did an in person presentation for the Maryland AHNA chapter as well as an online presentation for the Just BEE Wellness community. This presentation was interactive as well as informative and helped participants to learn exercises that enabled them to use their body and breath to identify their “true” desires. Elizabeth has a very calming and inviting presence, which enables people to engage at a deeper more connecting level. She shares her experience as a nurse and business owner and the challenges she has faced in making time for self-care. Others who were part of the in person presentation stated their appreciation of her sharing her personal experience and as a result felt comfortable expressing their challenges. Elizabeth has a gift of asking questions that help people to open up and examine what they truly want in life.  She is very knowledgeable on the topic manner and explains the technique in a clear concise manner so that you can use it at a later time. I gained so much from this presentation that I not only use this technique on myself but have taught it to some of my clients so that they can identify what their “soul yes” is. It has been a very effective technique in getting them “unstuck”. Thank you Elizabeth, for listening to your “yes” and sharing your experience and knowledge to help us on our wellness journey.” Cassandra Herbert, Just BEE Wellness & Maryland AHNA Chapter Leader

“I would recommend this program, Elizabeth is very motivating and focuses on each individual’s strengths and provides guidance as to how you can reach your health goal in a realistic way. Class was very enjoyable and informative; the information provided was thought-provoking”. LM, Annapolis, MD

margaret brown“Elizabeth Scala’s presentation provided us with a friendly and fun evening of inspiration and simplification.  Her ability to address an audience of varied backgrounds allowed all participants to engage and identify personally with the topic.” Margaret Brown BSN, MSN, AHN-BC, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia AHNA Chapter Leader



barbara notte“Elizabeth “Nurse Coach” Scala was a guest speaker for The Main Line of Philadelphia Area chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association.  As the Chapter Leader I was delighted to see the 40 nurses and students in attendance completely enjoy and interact with Elizabeth.  She is engaging, energetic and enthusiastic about her topic: Becoming a Well Being. At the end of her presentation each participant was given an opportunity to express one “take-away” impression from Elizabeth’s talk.  I watched as the participants glanced at their notes and then eagerly shared comments such as: Make myself a priority; Set a timer for tasks; Make a vision board; Mindfully breathe; “800,000 seconds in a day!  300 in a 5 min. “I can afford that to take the time to breath”. I highly recommend Elizabeth Scala as a passionate, engaging speaker for all groups of people desiring to become Well Beings. Elizabeth, you’re very natural, free spirited and fun to listen to professional speaker.” Gratefully, Barbara Byrne Notte, BSN, HN-BC, Reiki Master Teacher, Pennsylvania; AHNA Main Line Chapter Leader

“I very much enjoyed your talk and what I took most from it was the fact that you sometimes need to “let go”.  I needed the time of relaxation we took in the beginning of your presentation as well.   Nurses week can be very overwhelming for the administrative assistants but I felt renewed and revived after I was finished listening to your presentation.” Melissa T., Union Hospital

NSNA“As a nursing student, it’s easy to say I’ll work on self-care and being healthy after I graduate. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to one of Elizabeth’s sessions at the MNA conference in October 2013. It was a great reminder that our health as caregivers & nursing students needs to come first. She gave us practical tools and ways to make wellness a priority for ourselves. I strongly encourage and recommend students and nurses to learn as much as they can about how to take control of their lives and live healthy from Elizabeth!” Anastasia Valentino, State President of Maryland Association of Nursing Students

  “Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I felt so good after the call on procrastination, I even slept better than I have in many days! Congratulations on such an outstanding call! I was so focused and captivated with your very effective, self-empowering message. Thank you again for including me with your call, Elizabeth!” Mari-Jean Stephenson, Indiana

  “Being a part of Living Sublime Wellness has made me aware of several things. First and foremost, I am special, and I must make time for me each and every day. It only takes a few minutes a day, which I learned in one of Elizabeth’s exercises she had us do during one of her monthly workshops. I also have become aware of how important it is to breathe correctly. I have participated in several different breathing exercises in the wellness workshops. One final thought, my daughters gave me yoga classes as a Christmas gift, and as Elizabeth says, “There’s no excuse for not making time for oneself!” In closing, I just want to thank you, for giving me a new outlook on myself and on life over the past two years!” Alice from NY

  “I really enjoyed the presentation. I learned that there are many ways to care for ourselves as nurses & we should be proactive & creative in doing that. My favorite part was the exercises. They reminded me of who I am and enhanced creativity. Your expertise, confidence and gentleness affirmed your support of nurses. Someone out there does understand and care. Your advocacy is amazing!” Pat S., RN

  “I loved the presentation. Just as with your book, it gave me great ideas for being happy at my job. And in my life after work. You have a knack for helping nurses to be happy and healthy both at and after work. Great job!” Debi, BSN, RN