snb-3d-e1461788019281Stop Nurse Burnout – What to Do When Working Harder Isn’t Working.

Start Creating Your Ideal Career Now.
Chart your course from Nurse Burnout to your ideal career using this first comprehensive stress-reduction resource for professional nurses. You can be a modern nurse and have an extraordinary life when you learn and practice the tools in this book.Does this feel even remotely familiar?

“I’m not sure I can go on like this for much longer!”
“There is no one I can talk to—no one who would understand!”
“This is crazy…am I crazy?”

Use this book to STOP the downward spiral of nurse burnout with field-tested, nurse-approved techniques discovered through thousands of hours consulting with nurses facing career-threatening burnout.




Nursing from Within by Elizabeth Scala #nursingfromwithinNursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds

At a time when health care is going through major change, nurses—known for being highly capable in a crisis—are being forced to take on more and more responsibilities. In this increasingly stressful environment, nurses need new ways to make sure they are taking care of themselves so they don’t succumb to the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion of caring for everyone and everything else.

Nursing from Within: A Fresh Alternative to Putting Out Fires and Self-Care Workarounds offers the innovative solutions today’s nurses need.

Although it outlines the problems nurses face, this book is not about trying to change the working environment. Rather, it’s about altering inner perspectives. With boundless energy and passion, it addresses an element that’s largely missing from nursing self-care programs focusing on diet and health: the spiritual self.

Taking a holistic approach that incorporates spiritual and energy principles such as Reiki Practice, Nursing from Within teaches you how to connect with your authentic self. Author Elizabeth Scala’s enthusiasm is contagious, as she shares proven and effective strategies for creating shifts in your perspective, empowering you to take on the challenges of nursing with a confidence and vitality that will bring the joy back to your chosen profession.

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Your Next Shift by Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN #nursingfromwithin #yournextshiftYour Next Shift: How to Kick Your Nursing Career into High Gear

Nursing offers many opportunities, but there’s no denying it’s tough—and sometime thankless—work. A nurse’s mindset often means the difference between an average and awesome career, but few nursing books focus on this vital aspect of the profession.

Entrepreneur and clinical nurse Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, provides the means to take your nursing career to the next level. Beginning with the many issues affecting nursing, Scala describes the negative “monkey” mindsets that interfere with a nurses’ ability to enjoy their profession. She then introduces a set of seven spiritual laws to help improve a nurse’s career outlook.

Scala brings her experience as an entrepreneurial nurse to bear on the broader nursing field, balancing spiritual advice with a series of practical, down-to-earth steps designed to shift careers into high gear.

Each chapter ends with a series of self-reflective questions to help nurses guide their careers in whichever direction fits their needs, culminating in a step-by-step daily process to help nurses continue to love and enjoy their jobs.

Your next shift could be the start of a new outlook on your career aspirations and daily nursing. Let Scala show you the way to a brighter, more meaningful future.

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2small-232x300Ebook : Bring Back the ART of Nursing

Nurses typically enter their careers with a desire to provide compassionate, heart-based care. Challenged by regulations, financial pressures and technological advancements, today’s nurse struggles to balance the art with the science of nursing.

This is a empowering short read for nurses who aren’t feeling great about their careers or jobs at the moment. Elizabeth talks about 3 strategies we can all use now that don’t take hours to do or learn. They are simple non complicated steps to bring back the nurse within. So if you’ve forgotten that passion you felt when you got your first nursing job or why you got into nursing in the first place, this book is for you. I loved it!Tina via

In ‘Bring Back the Art of Nursing,’ Elizabeth Scala inspires nurses to reconnect with the passionate and fulfilling joy that once called them to their roles. With three simple strategies Elizabeth gently invites you to rekindle the relationship with your nurse within.

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reiki-big-232x300Ebook: Reiki Practice: A Nurse’s Rx for Self-Care

Nursing leadership typically desires a nursing staff that is satisfied, engaged and resilient. Yet far too often, competing priorities come into play. Heavy focus is given to safety, healthcare quality, and patient satisfaction. Nurses are required to spend time and energy on policies and procedures, clinical informatics and regulatory affairs.

“How can nursing staff remain engaged when the topic of ‘resilience’ gets quickly bumped from the agenda? In ‘Reiki Practice: A Nurse’s Rx for Self-Care’, Reiki Nurse Elizabeth Scala offers a solution.”

In this quick and easy to read eBook, Scala shares her journey through Reiki Practice with an inside look at each of the Reiki Principles. Elizabeth gently describes Reiki as a healing modality, all the while, applying this therapeutic practice to our nursing careers.

Inviting Reiki Practice into our roles as nurses is complementary care at its best.

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