Is Yoga Good for CRPS? Yogic Benefits for Chronic Pain

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Is Yoga Good for CRPS?

If you’re someone who’s been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), then this article is for you. You might be wondering, “Is yoga good for CRPS?” Read on to find out more.

I’m Not Good at Yoga

I hear it all the time. Comments such as,

  • “I’m not good at yoga.”
  • “I can’t do yoga.”
  • “My body isn’t right for yoga.”
  • “I’m not flexible.”

Guess what?

Yoga is for every BODY.

As my yoga teacher taught me, “Yoga isn’t about getting the body into the poses… yoga is about using the poses to get into the body.”

Re-read that. “…using the poses to get into the body…”

Yoga is for every human. Every body type. Every person. Every time.

You don’t have to be “good” at yoga. You don’t have to be skinny. You don’t have to sweat or stand on your head. You don’t have to wear the perfect outfit. Trust me… I don’t!

Yoga is about the practice. The practice in the moment. The yoga practice is different every day and every time… since it’s about the practice in the now.

So, how can you even be “good” at something that’s never the same when you show up to it?

How is Yoga Good for CRPS?

If you’ve been diagnosed with CRPS, you know how it feels. You’ve got physical pain, chronic pain. Which means, the pain can be with you most, if not all, of the time.

Is Yoga Good for CRPSPain is exhausting. You’re dealing with a part of the body that’s hurting, which means it’s always active. Hyperactive, really. It never rests. You can never get a break from the pains.

When you’re in pain and tired all the time, other aspects of life suffer. Being tired a lot may cause you to nap during the day. Then, when it’s bedtime, you can’t fall asleep. Being in pain means that you can’t do all of the activities you enjoy. So, you’re mentally or emotionally frustrated, angry, or sad.

Enter yoga. Yoga is a wonderful option for those of us struggling with CRPS.

Yoga increases strength and flexibility. The practice can improve balance. Yoga enhances relaxation while reducing tension and stress. Yoga allows you to accept what is and let go of the pains.

But… Is Yoga Good for CRPS?

So, yoga has its benefits and you’re saying that it may help my CRPS.

But is yoga good for CRPS? Meaning, will I get hurt?

Being that CRPS is a complex diagnosis, it is best for us to check with our providers. If you’re under the care of a pain specialist or occupational therapist or surgeon (or any other professional specialty, really), it’s a good idea to talk to them.

Speak to your care team about your interest in yoga. Then, once you’re all cleared, consider private sessions with a registered yoga teacher. This way, the yoga instructor can tailor the practice to you and your CRPS needs.

Is yoga good for CRPS treatment? As someone who’s been using yoga for CRPS daily, YES! YES! YES!

I’d shout from the mountaintops if I could. Is yoga good for CRPS? It’s GREAT!

I’ve been able to do so much more, with less pain and more joy. Yoga is definitely a holistic practice that has supported me through this CRPS journey.

Care to join me? Click here to partner with me on your path towards healing.

About the Author: Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC, RYT (200) is a board-certified holistic nurse, registered yoga instructor, and reiki master.

Elizabeth received her dual master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. She is a certified coach, nature lover, and avid meditator.

Elizabeth lives in Maryland with her supportive husband and playful pit bull. She enjoys gardening, jigsaw puzzles, farming, music, and hiking.


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