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Unsure if Elizabeth is comfortable leading
a yoga or qigong class?

No way!

Elizabeth has given over 50 in-person presentations to thousands around the world, not to mention facilitating multiple reiki and self-care workshops.

Check out her past speaking engagements, as well as what audiences had to say:

Certified Holistic Nurse

Is she a subject-matter expert?

You bet she is!

With over 15 years in nursing and past host of multiple podcasts…Elizabeth knows her stuff.

That, or, she knows where to find answers.

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OK. So, Elizabeth can instruct a class or educate on holism.
But what have others experienced? How can I get a feel for working with her?

Here’s more feedback Elizabeth’s received over the past decade…

“Finding Elizabeth’s studio has been a complete practice changer!! I will be forever spoiled by intimate, personal, and fun practices; you can’t get these types of experiences in big corporation companies. I am excited to continue to practice with her!”

Danielle, White Hall, MD

“I really like how Elizabeth reviews what we’ll be doing before the class starts. It’s helpful when she provides details on how an exercise will benefit us if we practice it at home regularly. Elizabeth is a very calm instructor. I appreciate how she gives individual instruction to people with different needs and watches out for us safety-wise.”

Jain, Parkton, MD

“I absolutely loved taking Elizabeth’s yoga class! I recently lost a good deal of weight and haven’t done much exercise in years. I was able to do almost all of the posses and always felt so good after class. I highly recommend taking her classes!”

Margie, Stewartstown, PA

“I would highly recommend taken Elizabeth’s yoga classes. I enjoyed it and love her teaching style. I like the small classes and plan to take another one.”

Kim, Hereford, MD

“After the yoga classes, I noticed I felt calmer overall. This was surprising because I don’t feel like I ‘worked‘ hard to achieve that feeling. I am so used to having to grind at everything that it was a refreshing break. Thanks for the amazing yoga practice!”

Melissa, Maryland

“Yoga was fun!!! I had a great time and was more relaxed after your class than I have been in a while. I’ve had a lot of stress at work and it just felt good to breathe and stretch.”

Bonnie, Fallston, MD

“It was great taking yoga with Elizabeth. She is a wonderful instructor, introducing us to a lot of different practices and techniques which also keep it fun and interesting. If you had to miss a class, she made every accommodation to try and help you make up the class. She is a great person and I look forward to more classes with her in the future.”

Dana, Monkton, MD

“Your keynote was very good and served as tonic for us. It is always helpful to get staff to stop and smell the roses and gain some learning about deliberately putting our positive energy and words to pull in the same versus the negative.  It also helped us understand that we own, take charge and be deliberate about creating a positive environment. Thank you!”

Katie Boston-Leary

CNO & Senior VP of Patient Care Services, Union Hospital

“As the keynote, Elizabeth presented excellent information at the South Dakota State Nurses Convention on Leadership in Nursing. She shared innovative ideas to enable nurses to connect with the internal motivation that impact sustainable shifts for the nursing profession. Elizabeth also incorporated entrepreneurial methods and process for the future of nursing practice. She provided nurses with methods to build nursing leadership within the nursing workforce. I would encourage all nurses to attend Elizabeth’s presentations as she is a very dynamic speaker, engages the audience in the presentation, and encourages attendees to verbalize their ideas/experiences.”

Margie B. Washnok APRN, MS, DNP

South Dakota Nurse’s Association President

“Elizabeth’s business background and nursing experience are a perfect blend for teaching the nurse entrepreneur how to combine passions into profit. She presents with ease and a gentle spirit that’s inspiring. I would recommend Elizabeth as a speaker to other nursing groups because she knows how to blend the science and soul of nursing.”

Tracey Long RN, PhD, MS, MSN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, CCRN

National Nurse’s Health Institute Conference Organizerion President

“Elizabeth Scala is youthful, entertaining, and a confident speaker! She offered a fresh perspective on the use of technology while promoting a caring patient experience. She enthusiastically addressed staff nurses from across our system regarding the need to care for self and colleagues. Interactive with the audience, she encourages reflection, discussion, and opportunities for self-awareness and growth.”

Gayle L Casterline, PhD, RN, AHN-BC

Caring Nurse Scientist, 5th Annual Research Symposium Carolina Health System Conference Organizer; Charlotte, NC

“Elizabeth’s presentation was refreshing and much needed after the intensive work we got done. I am usually expecting the typical breathe in and out and count to four kind of stuff, but her work is funny (instant stress relief) and innovative in that she really connects with your current stress. I loved it and hope to work with her again”

Lori ‘Minky’ Radcliffe, RN,

Fitness Nurse Consulting, New Jersey

“Elizabeth, you may have heard this several times before, but there is something about your personality and delivery that is calming, supportive, loving, caring and relaxing. I am sure it is in part due to your passion for what you are doing, but I so thoroughly enjoy listening to you.”

Donna Barnett, RN

San Francisco Bay Area

“Elizabeth Scala’s presentation provided us with a friendly and fun evening of inspiration and simplification. Her ability to address an audience of varied backgrounds allowed all participants to engage and identify personally with the topic.”

Margaret Brown BSN, MSN, AHN-BC,

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia AHNA Chapter Leader

“Elizabeth Scala was a guest speaker for The Main Line of Philadelphia Area chapter of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Elizabeth is engaging, energetic and enthusiastic about her topic: Becoming a Well Being. I highly recommend Elizabeth Scala as a passionate, engaging speaker for all groups of people desiring to become Well Beings. Elizabeth, you’re very natural, free spirited and fun to listen to professional speaker.”

Barbara Byrne Notte, BSN, HN-BC, Reiki Master Teacher,

Pennsylvania, AHNA Main Line Chapter Leader

“As a nursing student, it’s easy to say I’ll work on self-care and being healthy after I graduate. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have gone to one of Elizabeth’s sessions. It was a great reminder that our health as students’ needs to come first. She gave us practical tools and ways to make wellness a priority for ourselves. I strongly encourage and recommend students to learn as much as they can about how to take control of their lives and live healthy from Elizabeth!”

Anastasia Valentino,

2013 President of Maryland Association of Nursing Students

“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the wonderful information you shared. Although I heard you speak on mindfulness before, it seems that every time I hear you speak, I gather different “golden nuggets” to apply to my practice and personal life. Your presentation is valuable to anyone regardless of their job title or area of practice.”

Veronica Rankin MSN, NP-C, CNL, RN-BC, CMSRN,

Clinical Nurse Leader Association Conference Organizer, Charlotte, NC

“Working with Elizabeth was an absolute pleasure. HCET strives to provide quality training and educational content to state-supported family planning programs, and Elizabeth’s presentation was a high-quality breath of fresh air! Nurses, nurse practitioners, clinic administrators, and support staff could all benefit from Elizabeth’s perspective on and enthusiasm for burnout prevention and self-care for helping professionals. Elizabeth is organized, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your passion and wisdom!”

Carly Marco,

Wisconsin Services Training Manager, Health Care Education and Training, Inc.

“Elizabeth Scala presented a special session on “Burnout” for our Nurse Executive Council & Physician Leadership joint meeting and received very high satisfaction scores from everyone in the group. Elizabeth has an energetic humorous presentation style that totally engaged and captivated the group. There was no one in the room who could not relate to the information she was presenting …or did not take away something positive, valuable and memorable.”

Sandra L. Karseras, MBA, RN;

Sr. Director, Vizient Southeast

“I felt so good after the call on procrastination. I even slept better than I have in many days! I was so focused and captivated with your very effective, self-empowering message. Thank you again, Elizabeth!”

Marijean Stephenson

“Reiki has brought a renewed sense of peace into my life and has helped me work through some recent life challenges with grace and compassion. I am particularly thankful for having received advanced training from Elizabeth Scala. She is truly passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki. She was eager to share what she has learned and could easily answer my questions. Her style is kind and caring which quickly put me at ease. Although I had not been a faithful practitioner prior to my class, Elizabeth accepted me where I was in very non-judgmental way. Since that class, Reiki has become a valuable part of my daily practices.”


“I would recommend this program; Elizabeth is very motivating and focuses on each individual’s strengths and provides guidance as to how you can reach your health goal in a realistic way. Class was very enjoyable and informative; the information provided was thought-provoking”

Linda M, Annapolis, MD

“Elizabeth has a wealth of health and wellness knowledge and has created a fun way for people to access that knowledge in a safe, small-group environment. The Six Weeks of Support course was a great way for me to jump start and make real progress on my wellness goals. And it was so nice to have a group there each week, giving me real-time support and feedback. I’m so glad I took part!”

Yoneco Evans

Gulfport, MS

“The Rejuvenate ME! course created several “light bulb moments” for me. In step 5, when you talked about not having time for ourselves- even though I’ve heard this before for some reason it finally clicked. I was making excuses because I was not feeling confident in myself to do more. So, thank you for a wonderful program. I’m enjoying it and love how you incorporate text with video and audio, nice job! Your program has really helped me to get things done and stay on track with my dreams.”

Tina Lanciault, RN

“I worked with Coach Scala one-on-one in “Rejuvenate ME! Exclusive”. Elizabeth is an excellent teacher and role model for healthy living and wellness. She makes learning how to deal with stress, life situations and health simple, enjoyable, interactive and fun. Her various modalities and techniques combined come together to make one more in tune with their own health and wellness. I came away much healthier in mind, body and spirit and a much more confident person. I HIGHLY recommend Elizabeth Scala’s Rejuvenate ME! to anyone who is looking for a healthier, happier and less stressful life!”

Marti H.

Southern, CA

“It is said that when the student needs to learn the teacher will appear. I felt like Coach Scala really listened to us and heard what we were struggling with. She helped me to look inside for the strength to move to the edge of my comfort zone and grow through focused activities and a structured approach. Her insight and feedback were offered non-judgmentally and individualized. While I was able to recognize that I am doing many things to stay resilient, there were areas I could focus on which will improve my overall health and wellbeing.”