What Happens After Elbow Surgery

Feeling discouraged after elbow surgery? If so, take heart. You’re not alone…

What Happens after Elbow Surgery Book
What Happens after Elbow Surgery Book

How Can I Help?

I had elbow surgery and lived through the healing journey!

What Happens after Elbow Surgery Book

On one hand, I’m glad you’re here and are looking for support after elbow surgery. That said, I’m so sorry you’ve injured your arm.

As someone who broke an elbow, underwent surgery and has traveled through elbow recovery, I can relate to how out of sorts you’re probably feeling.

Like you, I experienced the physical pain, mental frustration, and emotional overwhelm an elbow injury can cause.

Life can be super challenging with limited use of your arm. And, it becomes incredibly annoying when you need to ask for help (especially if you’re used to living independently).

Grab a copy of What Happens After Elbow Surgery to find out more. 

Ready for Some Good News?

You’re Not Alone.

And… you don’t have to suffer any longer.

I’m here to tell you it DOES get better.

And… YOU are the one who can turn the pain around.

That’s right!

You don’t have to rely on pain medications, healthcare providers, or anybody else for that matter.

Healing happens.

And the healing can happen by you, through you, and within you. Let’s start the healing process: click here to journey together.

Read Along for Holistic Healing

What Happens after Elbow Surgery Book

As a registered nurse, I thought I knew what to expect after elbow surgery. But instead of getting better, intense pain and limited use persisted. My elbow wasn’t improving.

Refusing to accept this, I turned to a more holistic approach. Finally, my healing journey began. Written in a warm, conversational style, What Happens After Elbow Surgery will help you:

  • understand your recovery timeline is unique to you
  • have a sense of what to expect post-surgery
  • feel hopeful you are getting better, even when the process seems slow
  • learn how to deal with disappointments and setbacks
  • cope with the emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, as well as the physical
  • realize you’re not alone

Recovery is possible. Start moving forward with your healing journey today.

What Happens After Elbow Surgery

Grab your copy of What Happens After Elbow Surgery by clicking here.

“Elizabeth wisps you away with the internal monologue about the ripple effect of a tragic accident. In What Happens after Elbow Surgery, Elizabeth shares lessons learned and questions to ask yourself during your journey through healing to help you let go of the anger and angst, the guilt reel playing endlessly in your mind, and the ‘what if’s’. So, grab your journal and dive in!” – Holley Farley

“A truly inspirational and transparent book. Elizabeth’s journey of reclaiming her pain to ultimately help others is raw, beautifully written, and inspiring. To anyone whose ever felt lost and abandoned in the wake of a medical mystery, this story will help you feel less alone.” – Madeline Palkovitz, MS, OTR/L

“An authentic account of recovery and growth following elbow fracture and surgery. This is an inspiring journey of determination, resilience, and ultimately healing and joy. Those on a similar path can find hope, reassurance and new possibilities through Elizabeth’s example, holistic approaches, and creative ideas.” – Susan Popiel, RN, Holistic Practitioner

About the Author

What Happens after Elbow Surgery Book

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, RYT200 holds bachelor’s degrees in nursing and psychology from the University of Delaware and a master’s degree in business and nursing from Johns Hopkins University. She is a certified coach, registered yoga teacher, and reiki master.

After suffering an elbow injury and being diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, Elizabeth turned to a holistic lifestyle for whole person healing. Or, more accurately, “returned” to holism. As a holistic nurse, she gratefully embraced daily yoga, qigong, reiki, and other healing practices.

Elizabeth lives in Maryland, with her husband, Drew, and their dog, Rusty. They enjoy hiking, taking scenic drives, DIY rehabs, trying new foods, visiting the beach, and grooving to their favorite jam band, moe.