Work with Elizabeth

I help women who’ve had elbow surgery (and/or developed CRPS) heal holistically so they can get back to the things they loved prior to the injury!

elbow surgery recovery journey
holistic healing after elbow surgery

How Can I Support You?

Facilitated Healing & Holistic Living

integrating yoga into surgery recovery

On one hand, I’m happy you’ve found me and are interested in learning how we can work together. That said, I’m so sorry you’ve hurt yourself.

As someone who fractured an elbow, had surgery, and was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), I can relate to how out of sorts you’re probably feeling.

Like you, I experienced the physical pain, mental frustration, and emotional overwhelm these issues can result in.

Life can be super challenging with limited use of your arm. And, it becomes extremely annoying when you need to ask for help (especially if you’re used to living independently).

Ready for Some Good News?

You’re Not Alone.

And… you don’t have to suffer any longer.

I’m here to tell you it DOES get better.

And… YOU are the one who can turn the pain around.

That’s right!

You don’t have to rely on pain medications, healthcare providers, or anybody else for that matter.

Healing happens.

And the healing can happen by you, through you, and within you.

Offering Facilitated Holistic Healing

healing after elbow surgery

During my healing journey, I was reacquainted with yoga and qigong. Gentle, holistic practices which supported slow, yet steady, progress. Easeful movements which allowed my arm to move more and more each day.

Both yoga and qigong can improve strength and flexibility, decrease stress, lift your mood, support healthy shifts, and reduce symptoms of acute and/or chronic health conditions.

While yoga and qigong definitely helped- they looked different from what I was used to!

Even though practicing yoga and qigong had me feeling better, there was no way I would’ve wanted to take part in crowded group exercise classes.

It wasn’t even about desire! My body was not ready for the group environment.

Work with Elizabeth

Therefore, my offer to you is simple, yet necessary. One-on-one guidance, until time and healing have prepared you to reenter the group setting.


One class or one treatment isn’t going to magically fix your elbow.

I was told over and over (and over) again, “Recovery takes time. Be patient. It’s going to be a long process…” Not really what I wanted to hear… but… these words turned out to be very, very true.

So, while I offer one-time sessions, I actually do not encourage them. (Unless you simply don’t believe me or want to “try” something before packaged sessions.)

Either way, the decision is yours.

Join Me!

All sessions are held virtually, via Zoom, so we can see each other, face-to-face.

holistic healing after elbow surgery

Individual Reiki/Yoga

We Can Do This. Together.

private yoga instructor for elbow recovery

Remember, I am merely a facilitator in your healing process.

Through yoga and qigong, you’ll learn tools related to breath, body awareness, physical movement, and relaxation.

I’ll offer guidance (based on personal experience), empathy (from understanding what you’re going through), and evidence-based suggestions (because of my professional nursing background)… but it’s up to you to “do” the “work”.

This is YOUR healing journey. And, I’d be honored to take the ride with you.

Let’s dive in!

Space is limited. There are just FIVE openings available to partner with Elizabeth. Complete and return your application today!