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My name is Elizabeth Scala. I’m a holistic nurse, certified coach, yoga instructor, reiki master, and qigong facilitator. AND … I’m very much looking forward to our upcoming yoga classes!

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Yoga Classes White Hall MD

We’re holding classes at various locations in the community as we transition between yoga studios!


Class details & registration information are below. 

Yoga Studio White Hall, MD

Access Healing.

Yoga students access healing on many levels of being: physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Yoga may: improve physical flexibility and strength, increase focus and concentration, help cope with and manage stress, uplift the mood, reduce symptoms of chronic conditions, improve sleep, & support overall well-being.

Skills yoga students will develop include: breath & body awareness, yoga postures & gentle movements, relaxation practices, and meditation, mantra, & mindfulness techniques.


10:00–11:15 AM
6:00-7:15 PM

Session: JANUARY 8 – FEBRUARY 12

Location: Maryland Line United Methodist

(21500 York Road, Freeland, MD 21053)

10:00–11:15 AM
6:30-7:45 PM

Session: JANUARY 10 – FEBRUARY 14

Location: Norrisville United Methodist Church

(2811 W. Church Lane, White Hall, MD 21161)

REGISTRATION: Email Elizabeth at support@ elizabethscala.com
Space is limited to TEN PEOPLE.
Register early to secure your spot!

“I always looked forward to going to Elizabeth’s yoga classes. Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher that puts a lot of thought into practice. Her instructions are so clear and concise that you never need to watch her, but just listen. Every practice is a little different and Elizabeth always gives modifications for us beginners/older folk. I’m excited about her new venue and hope to see her there soon.”

Linda, Parkton, MD

“I started yoga with some trepidation. Elizabeth has made my concerns disappear. I am not a spiritual or easygoing person. The class has done wonders to help me relax and build strength in my body and mind. Great experience all around.”

Curt, Parkton, MD

“Finding Elizabeth’s studio has been a complete practice changer!! I will be forever spoiled with intimate, personal, and fun practices; you can’t get these types of experiences in big corporation companies. I am excited to continue to practice with her!”

Danielle, White Hall, MD

“It was my New Year’s resolution to get back to a higher level of physical activity after two cancer surgeries, radiation, and hormone therapy. A friend told me about Elizabeth’s wellness-based approach to yoga and I thought it would be a good place to start. I knew from my first visit to her warm and welcoming studio that I’d made a great decision! Her cues are clear and easy to follow and she offers accommodations (blocks, straps, blankets) to help you comfortably reach/maintain poses. Her focus on staying present, or coming back to your breath and “leaving your to-do list behind for a time” has been so beneficial for me! I really enjoy the experience and plan to continue.”

Beth, Hunt Valley, MD

“Because of the yoga session, I’ve improved my stability and am able to stand on one leg for longer periods of time. Elizabeth’s yoga style is very helpful to beginner students. I enjoyed how she sent us follow-up information after each class so we could get a better understanding of yoga or prepare for the upcoming class.”

Maria, White Hall, MD

“Elizabeth provides a wellness-focused yoga practice that reflects her holistic background, knowledge, and beliefs. My body and spirit benefitted from this session and I will continue!”

Pat, Baltimore, MD

“I noticed an increase in flexibility because of the yoga classes. I’m also able to manage stress more successfully. I enjoy how Elizabeth explains the yoga poses and provides a relaxing atmosphere for class.”

Linda, Parkton, MD

After the yoga classes, I noticed I felt calmer overall. This was surprising because I don’t feel like I ‘worked‘ hard to achieve that feeling. I am so used to having to grind at everything that it was a refreshing break. Thanks for the amazing yoga practice!”

Melissa, Jarrettsville, MD

“Elizabeth is a thoughtful and fun instructor. She provides a comfortable atmosphere with clear cues, explanations, and a respect for each person’s process. I love that she challenges us with balance and strengthening activities and makes sure that each session has unique elements, so it is never boring!” 

Nicole, Parkton, MD

“I really like how Elizabeth reviews what we’ll be doing before the class starts. It’s helpful when she provides details on how an exercise will benefit us if we practice it at home regularly. Elizabeth is a very calm instructor. I appreciate how she gives individual instruction to people with different needs and watches out for us safety-wise.”

Jain, Parkton, MD

“I absolutely loved taking Elizabeth’s yoga class! I recently lost a good deal of weight and haven’t done much exercise in years. I was able to do almost all of the posses and always felt so good after class. I highly recommend taking her classes!” 

Margie, Stewartstown, PA

“I would highly recommend taking Elizabeth’s yoga classes. I enjoyed it and love her teaching style. I like the small classes and plan to take another one.” 

Kim, Hereford, MD

“I noticed an increased range of motion and moments of mental rest because of the yoga classes. I liked how the classes offer a variety of movements and are relaxing, mentally. Thank you for a wonderful first yoga experience!”

Tom, Jarrettsville, MD

“I love Elizabeth’s teaching style. She explains each yoga pose and is always willing to help us. I like how Elizabeth is a kind, gentle teacher, yet pushes us to improve each week. I always leave class feeling renewed.”

Joanne, Freeland, MD

“I really enjoyed Elizabeth’s class. She is well prepared, and the variety made each week exciting. I enjoyed her teaching styles for a range of different learners (visual, auditory, tactile, etc.) I also enjoyed the social aspect of meeting new classmates in both the day and evening classes.”

Doreen, White Hall, MD

“I’ve noticed some improved flexibility because of the yoga classes. I like the variety of the class sequences. Each class is different, and I enjoy the way Elizabeth reviews the class layout before each practice.”

Diana, Parkton, MD

“Yoga was fun!!! I had a great time and was more relaxed after your class than I have been in a while. I’ve had a lot of stress at work and it just felt good to breathe and stretch.”

Bonnie, Fallston, MD

“It was great taking yoga with Elizabeth. She is a wonderful instructor, introducing us to a lot of different practices and techniques which also keep it fun and interesting. If you had to miss a class, she made every accommodation to try and help you make up the class. She is a great person and I look forward to more classes with her in the future.”

Dana, Monkton, MD

“As a woman in my 80s who has never done anything similar and was quite apprehensive, I particularly appreciated Elizabeth’s calm, matter-of-fact attitude. She never made me feel “lesser” when I was unable to do the poses as well as I would have 20 years ago!”

From a Student in the Spring Session, 2023

“I really enjoy Elizabeth’s yoga classes. Elizabeth is a wonderful teacher. She is clearly passionate about what she does. Most importantly, I never felt insecure about not being a flexible yogi.”

From a Student in the Spring Session, 2023

“Emotionally, these classes have been so beneficial to me – meeting new people, new “funky” studio, lovely view! Living Sublimely Well Yoga was a wonderful find … the teacher and studio!”

From a Student in the Winter Session, 2023

“I haven’t needed to go to the chiropractor since taking weekly yoga classes. My lower back pain is pretty much gone! I loved the openness of the yoga studio! Being able to see outside and have a relaxing environment was amazing.

I love taking yoga with Elizabeth! The classes really are for any level of yogi. I love the atmosphere of the studio, her teaching style, and how the classes were laid out.”

From a Student in the Autumn Session, 2022

“After yoga, I’ve enjoyed more calmness, focus, less physical pain with less stiffness, and more openness in the joints. Elizabeth is very clear and descriptive with each posture. The yoga studio is calming, open, safe, and comfortable, and feels close to nature.

From a Student in the Autumn Session, 2022

“Elizabeth is a fantastic instructor. She is very welcoming, and her studio space is great. I like that she keeps the class size small. She challenges her students without pushing us past our limits, and works with what we want from her. This is a great class for everyone, whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for years.”

From a Student in the Spring Session, 2022

“I leave Elizabeth’s classes feeling lighter and calmer. The atmosphere in the studio is friendly, casual, and peaceful and the classes are great for all levels of yoga experience! I will be continuing to sign up for her classes!”

From a Student in the Spring Session, 2022

Prefer individualized attention? Guess what? You’re not alone! Private sessions are available.

If you’re feeling worried about practicing yoga in the group setting, that’s OK. Private instruction offers a safe, highly personalized experience.

Private yoga sessions allow us to focus on your specific needs, without the risks of feeling unsafe or self-conscious.

If you’d like to explore private yoga instruction, keep reading. Information regarding one-on-one sessions can be found below.

Private Yoga Sessions

We Can Do This. Together.

Remember, I am merely a facilitator in your healing process.

Through yoga and qigong, you’ll learn tools related to breath, body awareness, physical movement, and relaxation.

I’ll offer guidance (based on personal experience), empathy (from understanding what you’re going through), and evidence-based suggestions (because of my professional nursing background)… but it’s up to you to “do” the “work”.

This is YOUR healing journey. And, I’d be honored to take the ride with you.

Let’s dive in!

Space is limited. There are just SIX openings available for private yoga sessions. Email Elizabeth to get started today!