Personal Pain Paves the Way to Professional Triumph: EPS 008

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Well, what an interview. Our next guest grew up around hospitals, having had childhood polio. And so this experience sort of ‘acquainted him’ with the environment. But did Thom give up with these physical pains? Oh no! He turned many life experiences into his career passion and success.

Thom Bloomquist now gives back in many forms. He’s conducted research on phantom pain; he strives to provide the best care possible to his patients; and he’s went ahead and learned some complementary techniques such as hypnosis to reduce stress.

But don’t let me give away all of the juicy details here. In brief, during Thom’s interview he shared:

  • How staying informed is one professional habit that keeps nurses ahead of the rest;
  • Why having two parents who were successful entrepreneurs themselves impacted his life;
  • And what a nurse can do to achieve success- as an entrepreneur OR intrapreneur.

You don’t want to miss this show for all of the great gifts Thom shared with us. Enjoy!

Thom Bloomquist Joins Your Next Shift with Elizabeth Scala #YourNextShiftThom Bloomquist, MSN, CRNA, CH, FAAPM earned his medical credentials from Riverside Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic School of Anesthesia, a BA from Ottawa University and his Masters from Rush University in Chicago. He is also a hypnotist and stress reduction specialist, a fellow in the American Academy of Pain Management and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. You can find out more about Thom and connect with him via his website.


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