Rest Well, Dear Nurse

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I almost missed the boat. The daily self-blog challenge. I was driving home from the Reiki Share I just attended and realized I had not yet written for the day. So to keep today’s post short and sweet, I want to ask you a serious question: what do you do for downtime? How do you rest?

Today I had a group retreat with the business coaching group I am in. We all get 30 minutes in the ‘hot seat’, the coaching focusing on us and our business. When it was my turn for some reason I rambled on about how I’ve been sick most of the month.

But it wasn’t only me. A woman prior to me shared how she was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. A woman after me talked about she couldn’t shake a scratch in her throat. My coach said what I already know.

I am always grateful for the times I fall ill. I find it as a message from my body to rest and allow for downtime. To reflect. To regroup. To take time for pause. And my coach said something that I hadn’t thought of before.

Here it is: sometimes the chronic sickness is forcing us to take a break so that we are ready and re-charged for when the ‘busy time’ comes again. I was like ‘YES! That’s me’. I have my Art of Nursing 2.0 program coming up during Nurse’s Week. There is a lot that goes into that. And I have to be ‘on’ and energized the majority of the time.

So let me ask you: what do you have important coming up in your life? A child’s wedding? A spouse’s promotion? Your own professional evaluation? You’ve got to be rested and ready for these important milestones in your life.

As I said, I am just coming back from a wonderful Reiki Share. I used to go at least once a month. I got out of habit sometime around October/November. Maybe this is another reason I have been ill. Maybe I do need to recharge for the busy time. Maybe.. maybe.. maybe. All I know is I am re-committing to doing things for myself again. Taking some time for me. Recharging with the Reiki Share and other self-care.

How about you? What will you do to honor yourself? How will you recharge, rest or take a break? Share an idea below so that we all can come up with some new ones! Enjoy the day.


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