A Nurse Blogger’s Love for Life-Long Learning: EPS 003

by | Aug 19, 2015 | 2 comments

Today’s podcast was extremely humbling. To be in the presence of a nurse so successful as Kathy Quan was a delight. Not only does Kathy have a 35 year nursing career, she’s an amazing author, writer, and blogger.

But what was truly wonderful was talking to Kathy live and in-person! You see, we’ve been ‘social media’ buddies for some time now. Kathy has graciously reviewed both of my books on her blow (see here for her most recent review). And to top it all off, as we were ending our call, Kathy had the grace to thank me- little ole me- for inspiring her with my books. Really? I walked out of my home office on cloud nine!

So what was it like to interview a nurse as successful as Kathy? Besides totally fun and extremely amazing, I also learned a LOT. Here are some key points that we covered in our discussion:

  • How taking a few years off to write for an online column landed Kathy a book deal;
  • Why investing in the tools to do your job really means investing in yourself;
  • And what you don’t have to know to be the most successful nurse yet!

You don’t want to miss this show. Happy listening!

Kathy Quan on the Your Next Shift podcast #YourNextShiftKathy Quan has been a nurse for over thirty-five years. Today she works part time for hospice as a QAPI specialist. Kathy is an award-winning author of six books including the latest, The New Nurse Handbook published in July 2014. And she is the owner of several award-winning websites and blogs including TheNursingSite.com and TheNursingSIteBlog.com


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  1. Kathy Quan

    Thanks so much Elizabeth!I really LOVE this series and so happy to be a participant.

    • Elizabeth

      Me too, thanks Kathy!


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