Face Your Fears and Fly Cross Country: EPS 002

by | Aug 12, 2015 | 2 comments

Thrilled to ‘see’ you back here for episode 002; thank you! This next show was a lot of fun. And what’ so fascinating to me is this nurse has been a nurse for less than five years and she’s already had as many awesome and uplifting experiences as I have- in ten years time! Does that make me a slacker? No way!

What’s neat about this next interview with Jalisa (and that’s pronounced Ja-Lee-Sa) Jackson is that we have so much in common. Jalisa is an amazing holistic nurse who has the desire (and strategic plan) to help her community. And I shouldn’t have put ‘strategic plan’ in parenthesis earlier as this nurse is ALL about sitting down, reflecting on what she wants, and (here’s the best part) GOING for it!

If you’re ready to be inspired, then you don’t want to miss this episode of the ‘Your Next Shift’ podcast. In today’s discussion, I learned that I’m not the only nurse out there who is obsessed with having a plan (yay for getting organized). I also loved how Jalisa shared that sometimes when we are challenged, the very best way to approach this is to look for how we can grow.

And here are some key points from my time with Jalisa include:

  • How taking the time to proactively plan things out ahead of time sets you up for career success;
  • Why Jalisa’s biggest failure actually turned out to be a HUGE success;
  • The reason facing your fears can catapult you to professional freedom!

Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show.
Face Your Fears and Fly Cross Country: EPS 002Jalisa Jackson obtained her BSN 3.5 years ago, working within the med-surg specialty. Seeking more personal and professional fulfillment, Jalisa pursued certifications in holistic nursing, health coaching and yoga. Today she is the owner of VIP Holistic Wellness Consulting and empowers people to take charge of their health. You can find out more at VIP Holistic Wellness Consulting.

You rock!

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  1. Keith Mac Donald

    Listened to the Podcast, your mic input is way better balanced than Jalisa’s and this has her’s coming off as tinny & thin, particularly in the early part of the broadcast, as the broadcast continues the tinniness has subsided but the thinness of the recording persists while your recording is full, deep & rich all throughout. The topic matter is interesting but as a listener I found the lack of balance distracting, as in life we always strive for balance. Again the terms of taking care of oneself as you strive to take care of others & to maintain a network of mentors, and like minded folk as exist within Your Next Shift so that you may share thoughts between like minds.

    • Elizabeth

      I totally agree, Keith. Thank you for the feedback. And for taking the time to listen despite the tech issues. As it is new to me- the podcast that is- I am still working out some kinks. I am glad to get the content out and am grateful that listeners can continue to balance the sound and listen on through. I will do my best to improve with each episode! I can only learn. Again, thanks for the support and for sharing your helpful thoughts.


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