Feel the Energy: A Moment at a Time

by | Jun 6, 2014 | 0 comments

It’s 4:35 pm on a Friday afternoon. Typically I avoid working this late. However it has been a crazy, scattered past 24 hours.

I know this is a nursing blog, and sometimes we want to indulge in things that are off topic from the usual nursing career advice, curriculum in nursing suggestions, or topics around nurse communication. Sometimes we just want to read about other ‘stuff’.

And I have shared some of my doggie-day updates here before. Well, the drama continues.

We brought our dogs to an applied animal behaviorist. After four trainers, lots of devices, many books and too much conflicting information she finally set us straight and we know what is what.

Rather than hash out all of the dreary┬ádetails, let’s just say my fearful dog needs prayers, Reiki and any healing energy anyone out there reading can send.

As I walked them just now, I thought about our energy. The scattered feeling we can get when we try to do too much. The deflated feeling that comes when we perceive we have failed. The tense energy that can happen when we have conflicted feelings or have to make an important, yet difficult decision.

As I know from Reiki practice, energy is everywhere. And it can be quite palpable.

So in this very brief blog post, before I go and take a much-needed break for the weekend, I want to ask you: “What is your energy like right now? In this very moment, how do you feel energetically?

It is good to take pause and not just reflect inwardly on our thoughts, but also it can be beneficial to check in and observe how we feel on an energetic level.

Are things moving too fast or is the pace nice and slow? Is there a tense or strained feeling or are you calm and relaxed? Is something being pushed too hard or are things flowing smoothly in perfect order? Just watch and notice how you feel. You don’t have to think or do or attempt. Just be. Notice and watch and feel.

I encourage you to enjoy this weekend and go into the space with a feeling energy. A curious mind. How am I doing right now? And a moment later, how about now?

Back to my two pups, they certainly can feel the energy in the space. When one is tense, the other looks worried. When Rusty is excited, Reggie feels it too. These animals certainly are teaching me so many valuable lessons on patience, presence and feeling the energy of each moment in time.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your health today. If you are able to, I welcome any comments, questions or feedback below.


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