Glenda Watson Natale Joins Reiki Radio

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What is a fresh and innovative way to cope with nursing burnout? Reiki Practice, says Glenda Watson Natale.

Glenda Watson Natale is a Board certified Holistic Nurse degreed in Nursing, Communication and Theatre. She is also an active member of the American Holistic Nurses Association, has experience in clinical practice as a Psychiatric nurse, and works as adjunct university faculty. Glenda is Certified in past life regression with Brian Weiss, is a Reiki Master, and is a LightScape artist, having received professional acclaim for large format acrylic depictions of Light.

In reviewing the literature on Reiki Practice as a self-care modality for nurses for my most recent eBook, ‘Reiki Practice: A Nurse’s Rx for Self-Care‘ I came across Glenda’s work. Her article, ‘Reconnecting to Nursing through Reiki‘ was published in Creative Nursing in 2010.

While the article does highlight the struggles of nursing practice and nurses feeling unsupported in the workplace and unable to practice self-care; Glenda points out that Reiki Practice is a tool for self-empowerment. With Reiki, we as nurses can activate our healing capacities. We can use Reiki Practice as a means to reduce anxiety and increase self-caring behaviors.

As Glenda points out, “The principle of self-care is critical to the core values of holistic nursing; that nurses must be in the process of healing themselves to be fully able to help others.”

I am delighted to have Glenda Watson Natale join Reiki Radio this upcoming Monday, September 15 at 6 pm Eastern. To listen in live (or catch the archived replay) be sure to click here.


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