How does your metabolism impact your ability to change?

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I’m not sure if I  shared this on the blog yet or not; I’m sorry if I have already. I thought about this driving home from work and related it to a concept that we all can learn more on. So here we go…

I have a really fast metabolism!

Bet you didn’t think I was going to say that, huh? LOL. It’s true. Ever since, well birth I guess, as far back as I can remember I’ve metabolized food very fast.

I eat. I am instantly hungry. I eat. I never gain weight. I eat and I stay mainly the same size. Well, maybe this will catch up with me later in life. For now I’ve been enjoying this style for 30+ years.

In school it was troubling. People used to call me names, said I was ‘too skinny’. Too skinny? Come on! People die to be skinny, starve themselves to lose weight. And yes, the children were ruthless. Making fun of my chest size, or lack thereof. Ridiculing my tiny arms, saying they would snap in half. Calling me ‘boy’ and things like that. (Or was that my sister’s challenge?).

Any-who, this fast metabolism has come into my life again.

As an adult, while I still metabolize my foods very quickly, I notice I do the same with my teachers, mentors, guides, coaches and classes (whatever you want to call them).

I go through a training session once or twice, say a Yoga class with a particular instructor, and I’m bored. I take some classes from a spiritual teacher and I’ve got it; I’m sick of them. I learn a few things from people here and there and I move on. It’s nothing in particular that turns me ‘off’ from these people; I just feel ready to go.

So as I mentioned, I thought of this concept driving home. The fast metabolism and how I process food, material and even people in my life.

Point to note: how do you process? Fast, slow, in between? Any patterns you can pick up on?

It’s important that we make note of these things because there’s something we can count on. Depend on. Rely on really. One thing that is sure-fire fact.

Change is inevitable.

It’s gonna happen. Like it or not. Change is the one constant you can rely on.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” ― Heraclitus

That being said, change is also the one thing we fear. We avoid it at all costs. We try to hide from it; running away from change even.


There is comfort in the known. The routine is safe and easy. We don’t have to be afraid when we are clear and certain.

I encourage you to think about yourself today. How do you process? How do you change? How do you move through challenges, opportunities, growth spurts and struggles?

Change is always with us. No matter how hard we fight it, how fast we run away from it. It is here to stay. Observe your own change patters and behaviors. Are they similar or different to your own metabolism? What can you learn from studying yourself?

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to share a comment, question or reaction below. And remember; sharing is caring. Go ahead and use the social media share buttons below to post this article to family and friends. Thank you!



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