Nurse Coach Encourages Nurses to Coach! EPS 042

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This is a show you don’t want to miss! Not only do we talk nursing career, we learn about weight loss, professional and personal coaching, and so much more. As a knowledgeable, passionate, and generous-hearted nurse coach- this guest gave her all!

A few take aways from our interview with Eileen:

  • How outgrowing your nursing career is OK, even normal at times;
  • What some heartfelt advice on a national program did for her career;
  • And why Eileen views getting her PhD as her favorite nursing mistake!

Eileen O'Grady joins the #YourNextShift nursing career podcast with Elizabeth ScalaDr. Eileen O’Grady PhD, RN, NP, a certified Nurse Practitioner and Wellness Coach, uses an evidence-based approach with people to reverse or entirely prevent disease.  She is an expert on intentional change in adults, emphasizing the importance of extreme self-care and how to identify and remedy a life that is out of balance. You can find out more and connect with Eileen via her website or on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


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Thank you, Elizabeth Scala, host of the ‘Your Next Shift’ podcast!


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