Reiki Flow: Allowing Ease

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abundance is attitudeA under-pinning of Reiki teachings is that everything is made of energy. We are energy, plants are energy, cars are energy, animals, flowers, trees, thoughts, light, sound, feeling… it’s all energy.

For about a month now, I’ve been engaged in a new daily (almost, two days a week I have to leave the house at 6 am to get to the hospital) practice of visualization. I never ‘thought’ I was a visualizer before; in fact when anyone says “Picture the image in your mind’s eye...” I cannot do it.

But with a little patience, some gentle compassion, and new universal law CD tools I’ve been using… I think I’m doing a pretty darn good job of it.

So this is what I do and this is what I’ve found. 

I have several vision boards and 3 of them are all in one space. They are very colorful and fun. I sit on my meditation block and first just do my quiet breath work. I first meditate before I visualize. I like to get quiet, centered, and grounded before I begin.

Then once I feel my meditation session is complete, I begin my new visualization practice. I imagine my work as I want it. I feel into what the day, what the team, what the process, and what the experiences would be like. I imagine myself having a whole team under me, managing the ‘moving parts’ of the business while I am free to create, help, share, speak, and write. I then start to visualize all of my success around me. What it looks like, what experiences I am able to have, what I can do with all of my time. And then comes the best part…

I start to feel as it would feel if it was happening now. Because, on an energetic level, it already has. If you have the thought of something; you can have it. You just have to imagine it, allow it to come to you, and accept that it already has. Put the energy and emotion into it and ‘YES!’- it’s yours.

So I sit and feel joy, peace, carefree ease. I feel centered and supported. I feel connected and alive. I feel energized, enthusiastic, and confident. I feel strong and clear. I feel.. I feel.. I feel…

What I’ve noticed since doing the practice- the more I do it; the more the love, joy, acceptance I can feel- the more it flows to me with ease.

So I encourage you to try this practice. Think about what you really, really want. Picture it as if it’s happening now. And then feel it. Feel the emotions and energy that happen when you tap into the feeling of having it now. Sit and be with that and experience it as much as possible. This will allow what you want to create to flow to you with grace and ease.

I invite you to leave a comment, question, or reflection below. I’d love to hear from you and your experience. Have you tried this before and how has it worked? Or are you ready to try and excited to get started? Have a healthy day!


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