Would you like to feel better?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that invites balance and promotes well-being. It is relaxing, calming, and peaceful. A complete Reiki treatment is usually done while lying down or seated. The recipient remains fully clothed. The practitioner’s hands can either lightly touch the recipient’s body or be a few inches above.

Each experience is unique. Therefore, the best way to understand Reiki is to try an experience for yourself. You need not even believe in Reiki to benefit from the practice.


Would you like to cope better with change?

Reiki can help us heal, grow, and develop on many levels. While Reiki may help decrease physical aches and pains, it can also help us move more easily through life.

In my own experience, before Reiki I was extremely uptight and controlling. I wanted every single thing to go my way and was attached to the outcome of my experiences. If something happened suddenly that threw me off balance, I was easily frustrated, angered, and upset.

After learning and practicing Reiki on myself for several years, I am much better at coping with unexpected changes. I go gracefully with the flow of life. I feel at ease and and much more peaceful.


Would you like to experience less stress?

While ‘stress’ is a part of life- and even a necessary catalyst at times for growth- our lives have become overly inundated with stress.

Tension and the feelings of overwhelm can cause imbalance and dis-ease within the body-mind-spirit. Stress can create inflammation and exacerbate disease symptoms. It can become debilitating and chronic.

Reiki gently allows us to relax, restore, and renew. Reiki can refresh and nourish our body-mind-spirit system. Reiki therapy can help us live with and cope through the stresses of life.


How can Reiki help?

Reiki flows to where the recipient needs it. The Reiki practitioner does not direct, manipulate or move energy.

The Reiki practitioner will do a series of hand positions, usually from head to torso down to the feet. You may notice or experience sensations, or you may not. Each Reiki experience is different and unique. Reiki can help the body heal by allowing it to rest, restore, and balance itself on multiple levels.

Many of us know what it feels like to be in ‘fight or flight’. Our bodies get tense; our shoulders may rise; our jaw or fists might clench. Unfortunately this has become the typical posture for most people in modern society. Reiki helps the body de-tense; can help us rest and relax; can allow us to rejuvenate ourselves and our cells on every single level.


Reiki Nurse of Harford County, Maryland

As a Reiki Master Teacher,  I am happy to practice, share, teach, and provide Reiki. My home office, where I see one-on-one clients is in Jarrettsville, Maryland.

  • I conduct Reiki research as part of my role at the hospital;
  • I teach and train nurses in Reiki courses;
  • I partner with local businesses to provide Reiki to the community;
  • I host routine Reiki Shares in my community;
  • I have written a Reiki eBook which is available via Amazon.
  • I speak about Reiki in lectures/presentations/interactive workshops.

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You can also contact me: support (at) elizabethscala (dot) com or (410) 929-0081.

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