Nurse Healer Helps Whole Person Balance: EPS 009

by | Sep 30, 2015 | 6 comments

In today’s show we talk all about mind-body-spirit and natural balance. My guest this week brings a lovely energy and, just by speaking with her, I can feel the healer shine through.

While this show is about our nursing careers, how can we show up as our best professional self if we are tired, stressed, or burned out? Nancy role models through her work with children, adults, and nursing students, that we do our very best when our own body-mind-spirit is nourished.

In today’s episode, Nancy shares with us:

  • How to beautifully blend the art with the science of nursing practice;
  • Why going through a couple of nursing roles may just be what we have to do to find the ‘right’ fit;
  • And keeping up with the professional literature can satisfy us both personally and professionally.

What a fun and healthy show today; I thoroughly enjoyed all that Nancy had to share. And hope that you do too- happy listening!

Nancy Iankowitz Joins Elizabeth Scala on the Your Next Shift Podcast #YourNextShiftDr. Nancy Iankowitz DNP, APRN, FNP-BC is an ANCC Board Certified Advanced Practice Nurse in Family Health; author; editor; Reiki Practitioner; Founder and Director of Holistic and Integrative Healing LLC. and the Founder and Owner of Universe’Secretary.

A healer and writer by nature, Nancy Iankowitz strives to establish and maintain balance of mind, body and spirit. Through storytelling, Nancy helps children learn peaceful conflict resolution.  She also teaches nursing students physical assessment because she enjoys becoming part of their professional journey. As Nancy says, ‘I am still a work in progress’. You can find out more and connect with Nancy via her blog or website.


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  1. cohendaniel64

    Dr. Iankowitz comes across as a very special soul-one with whom I personally would have no problem being associated with. The podcast audio was particularly poor in sound quality, at least for this segment. Hopefully you can improve it for the segment, or make sure that future segments are audible. I’d like to hear more from Dr. Iankowitz as well.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the sound was poor on this one and has been improved. I am glad you enjoyed what Dr. Iankowitz had to say.

  2. emenasse

    I really enjoyed this podcast. My passion is balance. I felt like she was a soul sister! I would love to connect with her because she is in my area.

    • Elizabeth

      Wonderful to hear! I am glad you enjoyed the podcast. Please consider leaving a review on iTunes, if you can. I will let Nancy know. Enjoy the day!

    • holisticandintegrativehealing

      Thanks very much for taking time to reach out. I appreciate the calls I’ve received and enjoy reading comments as well as speaking with anyone who has thoughts to share. Thank you Elizabeth for the opportunity to be on your show. ~Nancy Iankowitz

      • Elizabeth

        You are so welcome, it was my pleasure!



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