12 Tips for Self-Care in the New Year

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Reiki for the Heart and Soul by Amy Z. RowlandThis past week I had the honor of interviewing one of my favorite authors on Reiki Radio. Amy Z. Rowland, author of ‘Reiki for the Heart and Soul‘ joined me this past Monday for a beautifully resourceful interview. Not only did Amy share her passion for and wisdom of Reiki Practice; she gifted myself and the audience with twelve tips for better Reiki self-care in the coming year.

Here’s a bit more about Amy before I share the twelve tips she blessed us with. Amy Rowland, M.A., ABMP, has taught Reiki to thousands of students, one-on-one and a few at a time, since her teacher certification in 1994. Trained in Level I and II Reiki in 1987 by Rev. Beth Gray (one of the twenty-two Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, the first Westerner to learn Reiki) and in Level III by Frank DuGan, Rowland also teaches continuing education workshops on the Reiki Principles and May azr glasses FacebookReiki and intuition. Rowland is the author of The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki  (2010), Reiki for the Heart and Soul (2008), Intuitive Reiki for Our Times (2006), and Traditional Reiki for Our Times (1998), all published by Inner Traditions Healing Arts imprint. Her books have been used as teaching aids in Reiki classes in the U.S., Central and South America, Europe, and the USSR.  Visit her website, www.traditionalreiki.com to learn more.

And here they are: [Tweet “12 Tips for Self-Care in the New Year”]

  • Reiki yourself every day. Try to treat yourself before you get out of bed in the morning and as you fall asleep at night. Make that commitment to yourself the beginning of your daily Reiki practice.
  • Reiki immediately, even briefly, when you find yourself in a stressful situation. Reiki deeply and often when you find yourself dealing with a long-term, chronic stressful situation.
  • • Practice Reiki because you love the Energy and enjoy the sensations of the energy flow and find its effects beneficial, not because you think you should. Don’t judge yourself harshly for doing Reiki less often than you
    would like. The Energy doesn’’t judge you. Just begin again. “Keep it simple, sweetheart,” as Beth Gray told her students. Breathe. Relax. Do Reiki.
  • Use Reiki as complementary medicine, but recognize that you can also make intelligent, sensible life choices to support your health and well-being: adequate rest, good nutrition, regular exercise, nutritional supplements as needed. Remember laughter is healing. So is solitude. So is talking to a good friend. So are vacations!
  • Be open to receiving helpful information and support even when you aren’’t asking for help and support. (I encountered a terrific article on recovering mental energy in an issue of Entrepreneur Magazine that I read
    while waiting for my car to be repaired.)
  • • Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Be mindful and aware. If you find yourself craving green vegetables, eat some green vegetables! If you find yourself stretching to relieve tension in your back, expand that
    stretch into a yoga sun salute. Connect to your own inner wisdom and let it gently guide you.
  •  Make remembrance of the Reiki Principles a valued part of your daily practice. Recall them twice daily and allow them to come to mind as needed throughout the day. When you remember “just for today, do not anger” or
    “just for today, do not worry,” consciously choose to relax, to trust, to be at peace.
  • • Be grateful. When you consciously recall the blessings in your life, you open to joy. This is a dynamic energetic process that is the opposite of feeling stuck in a situation and filled with frustration or resentment. Let the practice of gratitude become your sanctuary.
  • Do your best, but understand your best isn’’t the same from one day to the next, and it isn’’t the same as anyone else’s best. Honor who you are.
  • Be kind to yourself in making those New Year resolutions. It’s easier to take one small, manageable step towards a goal than to weigh yourself down with a long to-do list of the next-to-impossible. Here’’s a simple resolution: I will Reiki myself every day.
  •  Know “no” and how and when to say it. Set appropriate boundaries when people place demands on you or make requests.
  •  Clear your path to allow yourself to move forward more easily and enjoy the journey. This might mean taking care of old business, getting closure in a discussion, forgiving a past wrong, or clearing your desk of clutter.
    When you undertake this work, you make space for synchronicity and serendipity.

I do hope that you enjoyed these tips for better self-care in the New Year. If you enjoyed Amy’s tips, then be sure to visit our interview replay by clicking here



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