Angela Brathovde, MSN, RN, BC, HNB-BC, PhD Joins Reiki Radio

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Angela Brathovde is a certified psychiatric and holistic nurse, has a PhD in holistic counseling and is a Reiki Master. She is a nurse educator, has published several articles and has speaks widely on holistic nursing. She is the Clinical Director of Children’s Crisis Intervention Services at Monmouth Medical Center.

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I found Angela through my extensive search of the Reiki Research literature. In looking for articles that supported Reiki as a self-care modality for nurses and nursing students, I came across Angela’s article ‘A pilot study: Reiki for self-care of nurses and healthcare providers‘ which was published in 2006 in Holistic Nursing Practice.

In preparing for the Reiki Radio show, I had the pleasure of speaking with Angela over the phone this summer. She has a TON of information to share. Her energy and enthusiasm for Reiki Practice was pouring into the phone. I was beaming from ear-to-ear at all of the resources and information she was ready to share.

I hope you will tune into this episode of Reiki Radio, where Angela and I will discuss:

  1. How to practice holistic nursing within a hospital organization structure;
  2. Ways to make your holistic nursing practice unique within your institution;
  3. Reiki Research that is being currently conducted;
  4. And the ways that Reiki Research contributes to the future of nursing practice and the community at large.

I am super excited for this Reiki Radio episode. To tune in live or catch the replay be sure to click here. Angela’s live episode on Reiki Radio will broadcast on Monday, October 20 at 6 pm Eastern.


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