Author to Improv! This Nurse Tells All: EPS 006

by | Sep 9, 2015 | 11 comments

From self-published author to Medical Improv genius, Beth Boynton sure does it all. She’s like many of us nurses who wear so many hats and help people in really creative ways! And I simply love talking to Beth… as I learn something new every time.

While we didn’t talk Medical Improv as much as we had hoped on this episode (I hear a repeat interview coming in 2016), Beth shared with us her journey from nurse blogger to published author. And what’s really neat is Beth has done it both: self-published and medical publisher! So if you’re a nurse author looking to write a book, you want to tune in for Beth’s tips and tricks to getting the work done.

In today’s interview, Beth shared:

  • Why having ideal technology at our fingertips makes the job easier and smoother;
  • Her persistence pays off and turns out in MANY successful milestones;
  • And why learning from other mentors has shifted her approach and helped her release wasted energy.

What I forgot to mention was that I’ve interviewed Beth… oh, counting on three or four times now… and even in this short podcast she spoke to some content that even I have never heard. This is a show you want to be sure to listen to again and again. Enjoy!

Beth Boynton Joins the Your Next Shift Podcast with Elizabeth Scala #YourNextShiftBeth Boynton, RN, MS is a nurse consultant specializing in communication, collaboration, and workplace culture.  Her textbook “Successful Nurse Communication: Safe Care, Healthy Workplaces & Rewarding Careers”,  is due out this month, she is excited about using ‘Medical Improv’ in teaching, publishes  “Confident Voices in Healthcare” Blog and can be reached:


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  1. bethboynton80539889

    Elizabeth, I had such a wonderful time talking with you as always. Your interview style is wonderfully engaging, fun, and so positive for nursing! I look forward to listener’s comments and thank you sincerely for the opportunity to be on “Your Next Shift”!

    • Elizabeth

      It was wonderful to have you on the show, Beth. And I thank you for all of the kind feedback!

  2. exceptionalnurse

    You have such a great voice and delivery! Loved it! Such energy. Need to share the selfie with Beth!

    • Elizabeth

      Awesome, thanks Donna!

  3. nurselyfe4115

    The information shared was so useful, especially for a newbie nurse blogger like me! I hope to be as successful as you two someday!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks so much! We appreciate the feedback. Thank you for listening.

  4. Erica MacDonald RN (@Writer_EricaMac)

    Beth is amazing. Eagerly awaiting her latest textbook release! She definitely is a expert in healthcare communication.

    • Elizabeth

      True that, Erica. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Anne Llewellyn

    Great interview. I have followed Beth for the past couple of year and have watched her grown professionally and personally. She has important information to share. She is doing just that in various mediums so that many can enjoy and gain information in the formats they prefer.

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Anne.

  6. bethboynton80539889

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging feedback! I think I can find the selfie on FB, Donna!



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