Art of Nursing: Celebrate Nurse's Week #artofnursingBeing a nurse can provide an enormous amount of emotions, memories, relationships and experiences. On one hand we continue to be voted the most trusted profession, while at times it seems the public isn’t quite sure what we do day in and day out as nurse professionals. Sure people know that we help the sick and work in hospitals, but we know deep down in our hearts that to be a nurse it takes so much more.

Recent days of technological advancements, digital information and computerized everything sets the stage for nurses to feel stuck in a difficult position. Sure, we need the science and technology to give great care, perform medical miracles and save patients’ lives. But what about the human connection? Where has the presence of being with our patient gone? Do we feel too rushed to give the kind of care we went into nursing for in the first place?

I am honored to share with you a group of nurse bloggers who have written posts that bridge and blend the art with the science of nursing. This group of nurse professionals cares about your nursing career. They care about our profession. They care about the heart of nursing practice.

Let’s start with Greg Mercer, MSN who writes at Big Red Carpet Nursing. While Greg points out that ‘art’ is hard to describe simply in words, he says “we know it when we see it”. His article goes on to highlight the many ways we ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the art of nursing every day. Describing it as an adventure, a creative way to teach the distracted, and a ride of hope in the darkest of times- Greg’s post, ‘The Art of Nursing: My Take‘ is sure to uplift readers.

Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN, of the Nursing Site Blog, reminds us that the ‘art’ of nursing relates to our passion for the practice. She shares how her nursing career is filled with creativity, passion and joy. In her post, The Art of Nursing: Find Your Passion Again, Kathy provides a unique position on how a nursing showing up using their unique gifts inspires the patient to do the same.  We can all learn a lot when we study the science as much as the art of professional practice.

Shifting gears to real life case studies on the nursecode site. Beth Hawkes writes a story about a spider bite to illustrate the art of nursing is ‘a feeling’ she had in the pit of her stomach. Beth’s post points out that the art of nursing is not something that can be taught, yet rather is developed overtime. When we listen to our gut feeling, we can learn the art of practicing the nursing profession.

Joan Spitrey, RN, MSN, CCRN, The Nurse Teacher, points out that we receive all of the skills and science in nursing school. We graduate and feel prepared to work as nurse professionals in our nursing careers. And then we get to our nursing jobs and may fail to balance the art with the science of nurArt of Nursing: Celebrate Nurse's Week #artofnursingsing. In Joan’s post, Remembering the Art of Nursing, she offers encouragement for nurses and nursing students alike to re-vitalize, re-evaluate and rejuvenate our careers.

I love Dr. Rachel Silva’s post as she begins with the origins of nursing, takes us through the research of nursing science and ends up at the art of nursing truly being the way we invite compassion into our nursing practice. Rachel’s post, The Art of Nursing, describes how transcends data and is the essential component to a successful nursing career.

Now for a very unique take on the subject… What I love about art is the fact that it allows us each to offer our creative self. Beth Boynton, RN, MS, from Confident Voices, shines in her take on the art of nursing practice. In her post, Respect for Self and Others is Fundamental to Positive Change Agency, Beth writes about the interconnectedness of everything we do in nursing and how things are constantly in a state of flux. Navigating this change allows you to respect yourself, others, your nursing practice and to embody the art of nursing in a way that serves us all.

And how about Carrie Sue Halsey MSN, CNS-AD, RNC-OB, ACNS-BC? Her post screams nursing pride as she points out that Nursing is Bigger on the Inside. I love her article which is a reminder that nursing is about compassion and care. It’s about more than the 12 hour shift and she shares with us the very notion that nurses also need to be brave, strong willed, strong stomached and have a great sense of humor.

Art of Nursing: Celebrate Nurse's Week #artofnursingFinally, a walk down memory lane as Leslie of ER Nurses Care, illustrates the ‘fine art’ of nursing with some old-school images and nursing history. In Leslie’s post, Healing Presence is an Art Form, Leslie depicts vintage nursing art and photography from all eras. I was struck by Leslie’s article which touches on the reasons we go into nursing, the care we must give ourselves, and the history of Florence Nightingale that we are all connected to.

Clapping my hands, tipping my cap, and giving all of these nurse bloggers a shout of celebration! You did an amazing job at depicting the art of nursing practice. It is an honor to share this article with nurses and nursing students worldwide who celebrate the profession of nursing each and every day.

If you’d like to celebrate the Art of Nursing with us, join me and nurses from around the globe for the virtual Art of Nursing Conference. For more information and to sign up, please click here.

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Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

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