Elizabeth Kryak Joins Reiki Radio

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Elizabeth ‘Bette’ Kryak recently retired from 34 years of nursing at Abington Memorial Hospital in Abington PA.  She was integral to the Integrative Medicine Services and educated over 900 nurses and members of the community in Reiki.  She was involved in 2 grant funded Reiki research projects.

Bette received her doctorate in nursing practice from Drexel University.  Her dissertation was “Impact of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the nurses’ use of hospital-endorsed complementary alternative medicine.”

I found Elizabeth when I was doing my own research on Reiki Practice. Her article, ‘Reiki and its journey into a hospital setting‘ was published in 2011 in Holistic Nursing Practice.

Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH) in Abington, Pennsylvania is a Magnet-designated health care facility with an Integrative Medicine Services Department. AMH’s Integrative Medicine staff focuses on the integration of holistic practices, such as Reiki into traditional patient care. Reiki services at AMH were initiated about 10 years ago through the efforts of a Reiki practitioner/nurse and the vision that healing is facilitated through the nurturing of the mind, body, and spirit for healing and self-healing.

Please join us Monday, October 13 as I interview Bette on the Reiki Radio Show. You can find out more information about this upcoming show and all of our previous broadcasts by clicking here



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