Logic & Persistence in Nursing Pays Off: EPS 026

by | Jan 27, 2016 | 2 comments

Well, today I was in for a real treat (as are you all who are tuning in). I was able to take a long, well-established social media and online relationship… well, offline and in person. It was a pure joy to interview today’s guest… and to learn of the many similarities we have in common. Really, at times, I felt as though I was interviewing myself!

Beth Hawkes shared her love of nursing, some research-based precision, and an upbeat and informative interview.

A few take aways from our interview with Beth:

  • How playing school in her backyard shaped her career future;
  • What Beth learned when she didn’t get the nursing admin job she applied for;
  • And why logic and persistence go hand-in-hand to create career success!

Beth Hawkes Joins Elizabeth Scala on the Your Next Shift Nursing Career Podcast #YourNextShift #podcast #nursingBeth Hawkes MSN, RN-BC has a broad background in acute care and currently works in Staff Development. She is also a writer, career columnist and speaker. You can find out more and contact Beth via her website, nursecode.com.


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  1. Craig

    I have crossed paths with Beth many times online. It was fun to actually hear her talk as I have read many of her blog posts. We could really use someone like her at my work place.

    • Elizabeth

      Totally! She has a lot of great wisdom and wonderful experience to share. Thanks for listening!


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