Non-Clinical Nurse Jobs

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Non-Clinical Job Options for Nurses

Non-Clinical Nurse Jobs: What’s In Your Future? 

Ah, the dream of many nurses these days. To find non-clinical nurse jobs which provide flexibility, freedom, and financial reward. Sounds great, right?

Maybe a non-clinical role is in your future… the question is, what are you going to do about making it reality?

Non-clinical nurse jobs can be enticing. In fact, with bedside nursing becoming more and more difficult, many nurses are looking for other ways to use their clinical expertise and educational backgrounds.

In this fifth and final interview with Christy Hendricks, we discuss one of the major “beasts” of starting up a business of your own…

Social Media

Cue the scary music. While social media can be fun for us in our personal lives- it can be very different as we approach business.

Instead of popping on now and then to search for photos of family members and stay in contact with college friends, you need to become much more strategic as you approach the social networks as a business owner.

In fact, any nurse entrepreneur who has been successful in business for some good amount of time (if they are honest) will tell you that social media can become a time suck.

You need to be strategic about it. And, you need to be on it! There are no two ways about it- these days connections happen on social channels. And those connections which can turn into referrals are what is going to make your non-clinical nurse jobs a success.

Don’t Waste Time and Money

No, all social platforms are not the same. And yes, you will want to decide about where to spend your time and energy.

In fact, I was talking to a gal that I had interviewed on the Your Next Shift podcast just a few weeks ago. She said to me, “Elizabeth, you know what the best piece of advice you ever gave me was? When you told me to just focus on ONE social media platform… You were SO right about that!”

As you grow, you will certainly want to consider branching out. But if you are a new nurse entrepreneur then focusing on one social media channel, growing that audience, and doing this well is all that you need to worry about.

When you think about where to focus your efforts, ask yourself:

  • Where does my target client or customer hangout online?
  • Which social media platform do I enjoy the most?
  • What makes sense in terms of growth and visibility?
  • Where can I see my audience growing the fastest?

Money and More

I’ll tell you the honest truth here. I went onto social media kicking and screaming. Almost literally!

One of my earliest coaching clients, who happened to work in marketing, told me that if I was going to have a successful business… I better get over my fear/dislike/avoidance of social media.

Boy, was she right!

Now, that being said, since it is not something I enjoy the most… I have decided what any good business owner will teach you. I have hired help.

Sure, it is ME commenting back and answering questions or thoughts on my posts. But the actual finding posts, scheduling them, and setting things up on the social platforms- yup, my awesome social media support takes all of the credit there!

And something else you will want to consider spending money on as you grow? Advertisements.

I can tell you- as someone who has done some HEAVY spending in the advertising space… putting up ads on social media is less expensive and a LOT more effective.

For example, I spent thousands of dollars in advertising the online Nurses Week Art of Nursing program in years 3 and 4. Then, when I looked back at my notes from my sales calls, no one mentioned seeing the ads that I had paid for.

What I did this year instead was spend only a fraction of the cost on some Facebook and LinkedIn ads and guess what? They actually converted!

Don’t Miss This

In this fifth and final interview, Christy and I will discuss:

  • where to start out on social media
  • how to create and share posts to increase brand awareness
  • strategies for growing your networks online
  • the start up advertising secrets

Enter Christy Hendricks: A Nurse Entrepreneur

I’d like to introduce you to one of the best nurse entrepreneurs I know, Christy Hendricks. In fact, this isn’t the first time you have met Christy as she was a guest on episode 131 of the Your Next Shift podcast.

Christy is a business and marketing consultant for nurse entrepreneurs. She is the owner of Change of Shift, the name of her site and online school, where she provides training and resources for nurse entrepreneurs in business start-up, strategic marketing, branding, and expert positioning. Visit Christy and check out her course, The Nurse Entrepreneur’s Briefcase, by clicking here.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Christy about non-clinical nurse jobs and how to get started with entrepreneurship by growing your network online. Check out the video interview below:

Get Started with Your Non-Clinical Nurse Jobs Today!

What’s awesome about Christy is her love of helping other people, specifically nurses. Christy not only coaches budding entrepreneurs in their nurse entrepreneur ideas- she supports nurses by teaching them how to set up an online business.

If you’ve been thinking about the next shift in your nursing career– here’s your chance to make it happen! Take the first step and explore non-clinical nurse jobs. Tell her I sent you and enjoy this next chapter in your nursing career.

p1050390About the Author: Keynote speaker and virtual conference host, Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA, RN, partners with hospitals, nursing schools, and nurse associations to transform the field of nursing from the inside out. As the host of the Nurse’s Week program, The Art of Nursing, Elizabeth supports nursing organizations in celebrating and recognizing their staff in a meaningful way. Elizabeth received her dual master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University. She is also a certified coach and Reiki Master Teacher. Elizabeth lives in Maryland with her supportive husband and playful pit bull.

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    You have some great advice and wow as a nurse graduate yes nurses do many things and this is truly great


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