Nursing Self-Care for Success

by | Aug 27, 2014 | 2 comments

Summer is slowly coming to an end. Back-to-school season has taken over (or already ended!). Fall holidays are on their way and lots of times this time of year can get hectic and quite busy.

However, as busy nurses we are up to any challenge. In our nursing careers, we are known for our fast-paced work, professional skills, and savvy multi-tasking. OK- now that refers to our professional lives. But what about our personal life? Or our social life? Or our self-care?

Can self-care get put on the back-burner when work, family and life gets busy? Of course it can. But don’t let it fade away into the winter air. Let me help you with some self-care tips I use myself to keep your professional and personal life balanced, happy and healthy.

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  • Say no. Really. It sounds mean and feels hard to do, but with practice and time you will see that saying ‘no’ is really allowing ‘yes’ to self. The more we can balance our ‘yes’ and ‘no’ responses, the more time we have for our own personal, social, and self-care lives.
  • Do what you love. With respect to self-care, most nurses hear that term and automatically think of boring exercise or painful diets. Self-care doesn’t have to be a drag. Pick 1-2 things per week that you love to do. Remember, the key word in that sentence is ‘you’. Do things for you to lift up your spirit and allow for self-care in any way that means to you.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Fall, winter, the holidays- this is a busy time of year. We can get down on ourselves if we make unhealthy choices. We may become critical if we let our self-care slide. There is no point in beating yourself up over choices you make. Those are in the past and are gone by the time you think of them. It’s time to nourish yourself with unconditional love. View every option as an opportunity. Make the healthy choice when you can. Celebrate yourself when you do embrace self-care.

What would you add to this list? How do you embrace self-care as a busy nurse this time of year? And if you need another self-care booster- check out the digital Art of Nursing program. This event received rave reviews and so I have made it easily accessible for any nurse professional to enjoy. 


  1. KimberlyWard

    Very fitting to keep in mind especially with a newborn:)

    • Elizabeth Scala

      Thanks, Kimberly!


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