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by | May 4, 2016 | 12 comments

The Human Side of Nursing by Lois Gerber, RN
Our next guest has had a very interesting and dynamic nursing career journey. From home health to owning her own business; from public health to writing novels in nursing- you don’t want to miss this next episode.

A few take aways from our interview with Lois:

  • How helping people as a family philosophy introduced her to nursing;
  • What receiving a ‘C’ grade in nursing school did for her professional path;
  • And why meeting people where they are at and being flexible creates career success!

Lois Gerber joins the #YourNextShift nursing career podcast with Elizabeth ScalaLois Gerber, RN, BSN, MPH has worked in home-health agencies, public health departments, and an Area Agency on Aging. She’s taught nursing and been a geriatric care manager.

Lois has over 40 articles and stories published in nursing journals and 4 books about nursing on Amazon, 3 short story collections and a historical novel. You can find out more and connect with Lois at The Nurses Bookshelf. Also, connect with Lois on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Amazon.


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    • Elizabeth

      Thanks, Veronica! Appreciate you enjoying the show.

  1. Joyce Keller

    Elizabeth’s interview with Lois Gerber was great. The answers given to Elizabeth’s questions should make every new nurse think about what their passion may be in the many opportunities available to nurses. Sometimes the opportunity just falls into your lap as it did for me. Right out of nursing school, OR was my favorite area. After some years as a stay at home mom, school nursing presented itself as something convenient at that time of my life. I spent 25 years in that field loving every minute of it. I never saw myself in that career path. Lois also mentioned being flexible. Sometimes you have to replan your day because a situation comes up that upsets the best laid plans. In my case, it was a head lice outbreak! You learn to think critically in emergency situations which comes from the nurses training you received decades earlier.

    • Elizabeth

      Great points, Joyce! I am so glad that you enjoyed so much of the interview. You bring wonderful insights to the podcast and I appreciate you providing this feedback via your comments here. Thank you!!

  2. Chris Holmes

    I am in a writing critique group with Lois and have been lucky to have read many of her stories and novels about nursing. Her writing contains many interesting facts about nursing and its history, especially her latest novel, Runaway Girl. In addition, her stories always focus on the human interest side of the patient, their family and friends.
    My mother was a nurse and many of Lois’ stories remind me of some of the stories my mom shared with me when I was growing up.
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Lois’ interview and learning more about her varied career, her background and valuable life advice!

    • Elizabeth

      Wonderful feedback, Chris. Thank you for taking the time to listen to Lois’s interview. We appreciate it very much!

  3. lynne Y. fauth

    I learned a lot from Lois’s talk and referencing flexibility with nursing. You do have to be organized and task oriented and preparing to move to the next task, but the patient is the priority and flexibility is key with the patient. Their outcome is not necessarily out expected outcome. I have not met Lois, but she is my mother’s cousin and I have found her to be compassionate and would have loved to have had her as a nurse if something happened to me.
    I’m not a nurse or social worker but I have worked in hospice and now am employed by a neighbor as a caretaker. Her writing is excellent and focuses on the humanity, dignity and compassion on nursing. Loisi’s writing is based truly on people she knows or knew in her life.
    Lynne Y. Fauth

    • Elizabeth

      Wow, what a wonderful testament to Lois’s work. Thank you so much for sharing all of these beautiful words of support with us, Lynne. We appreciate you tuning in to the Your Next Shift podcast.

  4. Judith Gerber

    I greatly enjoyed hearing Lois tell of her experiences in nursing and writing. She made many good points about caring for individuals from “their” priorities. I’ve read her book, Runaway Girl”, and found it thoroughly fascinating and informative. I look forward to her next one!.Thanks, Lois for sharing clearly and concisely, your long journey in nursing, and your love for it!

    • Elizabeth

      Wonderful, thank you so much, Judith. Glad you enjoyed the show!

  5. Pamela Livingston

    Thank you for featuring Lois Gerber on your Podcast. I really enjoyed the entire interview! So much of her education, warmth and compassion are reflected so strongly in her words and as well as her writing style. Her writing is captivating so her books are a great read! And also, she makes a nursing career sound like it can be very rewarding. It was great to listen to her inspiring words about it. I enjoyed the Podcast very much and I’m looking forward to her future books!

    • Elizabeth

      Wonderful to hear, Pamela. Thank you for this feedback! I am so glad that you enjoyed the podcast. Feel free to share it along.


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