Patty Penner of Heart Light Reiki Joins Reiki Radio

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Not in her wildest dreams would she have thought, that at age 55, her life would take such a 360 degree turn…

Having worked in about every field imaginable – secretarial, reception, billing, medical transcribing, store manager, retail sales, college student, medical assistant, mother, real estate agent and professional quilt maker- Patty Penner has been lead down a path that even she never dreamed of.

Patty often asks herself, “Who would have thought that a major illness would turn my life upside down?

Patricia Penner, of Heart-Light-Reiki who is a Usui and Karuna Master Teacher, joins Reiki Radio to discuss Reiki Practice, her journey through healing and the amazing benefits of this simple healing modality.

If you have been tuning in to our previous episodes (or if you have missed them and are looking for the replays which you can find by clicking here) you may have been asking yourself:

  • What the heck is Reiki Practice?
  • How long has it been in existence?
  • Why will it benefit me as a nurse?

Or any other questions for that matter… join us Monday, September 29 at 6 pm Eastern for the Reiki Radio Show: An Rx for Self-Care in Healthcare. You can listen to the show via computer or telephone by clicking here.


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