Piece in the Self-Care When You Can

by | Feb 25, 2014 | 0 comments

Well yesterday I didn’t get to write a blog post. I had a busy, yet awesome, day of sharing Reiki all over with staff and hosting our evening Reiki share. I can’t complain.

What it did teach me was this: it’s OK to miss one day of (fill in the blank with your new healthy choice).

So often we beat ourselves up for not doing what we set out to do. Guess what? That will only create feeling of failure, blame and shame. No good comes from putting yourself down.

Instead of being upset that I wasn’t able to write I am sharing this teaching point: self-care is everywhere. You can find moments throughout your day to take care of you.

So maybe you didn’t get to exercise for the 30 minutes you had wanted to; maybe there wasn’t time for  your morning meditation. It’s OK. In fact, it’s normal.

Life is busy; you get busy. But you don’t have to get upset!

Steal the self-care when you can.

On your ride to work, instead of listening to the news or traffic report, can you turn off your radio and speak aloud your daily gratitudes? (No one will hear you if you are alone in your car, LOL). While you’re riding the elevator up to work, instead of thinking of all of the things you’ve got to get done, can you take those moments to watch your breath? Inhale and exhale and focus on the present moment at hand.

You don’t have to avoid the healthy choice because you’re just too busy to get to it.

You can choose the healthy option all day long.

And if you don’t have the time to do the entire routine; it’s OK. Just allow the self-care moments to come and go and ease up on the criticism and self-judgement.

You are doing the best that you can- which is totally great in and of itself. You are amazing. Now believe that you are.

Let’s hear from you! What self-care moments can you steal throughout your day? How can you take 30 seconds, 2 minutes, five minutes throughout your day to allow the peace and joy within? Share a comment below. Enjoy your health today. Thank you!


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