The holidays. OY! A time of cheer that many of us quietly dread. How come this season is one that is filled with such mixed emotions?

  • We’re happy to see our families, but they drive us crazy.
  • We feel sad we have to work but are grateful we can help our patients who are in need.
  • We start the day off feeling good but then a Grinch-like neighbor ruins our holiday fun.

Goodness gracious! The holiday season can start to feel like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Up-and-down we go; it’s no wonder many of us dread this time of year.

And I’m sure all of you out there reading can agree: nursing has it the worst. Not only do we have the emotional polarities mentioned above, but we’ve got to work! Healthcare doesn’t shut down as does schools, businesses, or other entities that aren’t 24/7 operations.

How can we handle all of this? How can we make it through the holidays without feeling bad? Here are 3 quick tips to leveling out that emotional roller coaster ride and ultimately enjoying yourself, your family time, and your work a bit more this year.

  • Observe your thoughts. Thoughts influence our emotions. Feeling angry, jealous, sad, or lonely? Stop immediately and notice what it is your thinking about. If you can take hold of your mental chatter and shift it to a place of positive regard you’ll experience much less of the ups-and-downs of emotions. People don’t make us feel things. Our thoughts do.
  • Stay present. A lot of times when we are worried, anxious, or upset we’re living in the past or obsessing over our future. The more you can live in the here-and-now the more joy you will experience on a consistent and evenly distributed basis. What’s happened in the past is over and cannot be changed. And the future may never even come. Focus on what’s in front of you now and move onto tip number 3.
  • Practice gratitude. We get what we give. If your external world is filled with drama, chaos, and negative emotions you’ve got the power to change all of that. The fastest and easiest way to do this is by giving thanks. The more you can focus on what you’re grateful for- and how it makes you feel- in each moment of your life; the more you’ll enjoy every moment of living.

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Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

“I’m a Nurse, but I’m Not Sure I LOVE Nursing Anymore! Can You Help Me?”


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