School Nursing for the Adrenaline Junkie: EPS 115

by | Oct 4, 2017 | 2 comments

School Nursing for the Adrenaline Junkie

If you ever thought about school nursing and said to yourself, “Not for me because I would miss the adrenaline of nursing…” it’s time to rethink that perception. This next episode will remind us all that in every single type of nursing role, there is room for growth, autonomy, and even the day-to-day rush of a fast-paced environment.

A few take aways from our interview with Alane Warren, RN, BSN, PhN, Credentialed School Nurse include:
  • How surrounding yourself with people who aspire more impacts your nursing career;
  • What an experience with death and CPR can teach you about yourself;
  • And why a transition from an adrenaline junky role to something completely different can turn out for the best!

Alane Warren joins the #yournextshift #podcastAlane Warren, RN, BSN, PhN, Credentialed School Nurse graduated from Sonoma State University in 1998. Alane worked for 1 year on a med/surg unit at a small 65-bed hospital, before being chosen to train for an ICU position. Alane worked in the ICU ten years before deciding to transition to school nursing in general education. For the last three years, Alane has worked as a school nurse for the moderate to severe handicapped child population. She is now venturing into the world of blogging, and as Alane says, “Is still learning how to blog”. You can find out more and connect with Alane via her blog, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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  1. Eileen Anderson

    I have been a Cardiac and medical ICU nurse for 34 years and during those times, actually the last 20 years been a school nurse in my local school system for 12 years and a boarding school infirmary for 9 years, In lots of ways I found school nursing to be more stressful than ICU nursing. I have considered it another kind of hell. People think school nursing is just bandaids and fevers but no lots of kids mainstreamed and in the boarding school, you would have 10 kids in the waiting room while another 10 in the beds. Also if you don”t have a supportive principal in the public school system it could be horrible, or when you have a Dictator for a Dr. in the boarding school, In the hospital setting everyone collaborates.

    • Elizabeth

      Wow. Sounds like nursing is challenging wherever we find ourselves practicing. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Eileen. It shows others that when we think of leaving a job because of stress… we need to think carefully before making our next move.


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