Spiritual Practice Nursing Tip: Ask, Trust, Allow

by | Apr 30, 2014 | 0 comments

What a past couple of days/week. I am feeling joyful inspiration and the genuine bliss of gratitude. Being a spiritual practice nurse sure does have its perks. Listening to and trusting the nurse within instils great peace of mind.

Last week I took some wonderfully relaxing time off in one of my sacred vortexes, Cape May NJ. Each time I land there I immediately feel grounded and calm. (Reflection point: where are your sacred vortexes on this planet? What spaces calm your energy and grow a smile inside of your being?)

During my time in Cape May I exercised, ate well, listened to music, sat in the sun, read and followed my heart. While all were thoroughly enjoyable, the trust in my heart’s compass has led me as it always will. (Reflection point: how does your heart speak to you? Do you follow? If not, why? Can you embrace the wisdom from within?)

After Yoga one morning I felt the intense need to receive some clearing. I decided to follow my heart and it led me to a crystal store, an energy healer and the greater guidance that I am always supported. (You can read more about that fun adventure here).

Now that I am home I had a coaching call with my own coach today. I shared just how wonderful my business is doing, how the things she teaches us work and how aligning her coaching with my own trust in guidance is the best recipe for success. Her response to me:

“Yes, Elizabeth (well she said Liz as that is what she is used to calling me) Ask, Trust, Allow”

Ask, Trust, Allow

As nurses, so often we want to fix, cure and help. We know from our training what is harmful to our patients. Because of our skills and knowledge we want to do it all for everyone else.

Today I gently nudge you into another realm of spiritual practice nursing: trust and allow.

Trust that the outcome is in the best interest of those involved. The events and circumstances, though they may seem chaotic, challenging and scary, are for the highest good.

Allow healing to happen. Allow for support, for guidance from within. Allow the spiritual beings beyond our own comprehension to take the reigns as they will support us always.

I am reading an exceptional book right now about this healing consciousness and will write about it in a future post. Just knowing that we are all on this nursing journey together is comforting to me now. Thank you for enjoying the ride.

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below with anything that comes to mind. Thank you for reading and enjoy your health today.


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