So much talk these days around the ‘Art’ of Nursing (I wonder why, LOL). As I did my morning meditation, I was reminded of two concepts that highlight our need for gentle pause.

There’s a belief in the world and practice of Agnihotra that the very moment that the sun sets the Earth is silent. For a brief second in time, all is still. A universal pause.

I recently went through a course taught by Lissa Rankin and Rachel Naomi Remen. Rachel shared an ancient meditation, one I had not heard of before. She taught us to inhale and exhale. Again, right at the moment where the exhalation ends. That very brief second in time before the next inhale begins- there is stillness.



Last night my husband’s sister and husband (make sense, LOL) came over to visit. We all had a great time, lots of laughs, music, dancing and play. They stayed over. And as is custom in Drew’s family; they slept in.

And that’s totally OK with me. I’ve been up early, able to get in my meditation, blogging and social media follow up. Able to sit in the quiet house. Able to read, sit and just breathe.

So what does this have to do with the art of nursing? The science of nursing? The blend between the two?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating if there was that moment of silence as the pendulum swings from one end to the next? A pause of peace between art and science? A gentle second in time where all can be still?

Nursing is an exceptional profession. In fact, I give thanks each day in my morning gratitude for the career. “Thank you for my nursing profession. It makes me feel honored, humbled and fully connected.”

It’s the weekend as I write this post. Many nurses on are duty today. Some are off. If  you are not working this weekend, can you sit in silence for just a moment in time?

Can you watch the breath and notice the stillness between inhalation and exhalation?

Can you enjoy the sunset and see if you can hear the Earth settling into rest?

We definitely need the science of nursing practice. The evidence-based work strides us forward. The technology makes things much more efficient. The medical advancements save lives.

The art of nursing is the spirit within. The feeling of being a nurse. The joy of taking care of another human being. The connection of compassion. The pride in worthy value.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a special gift with you. Stay tuned for a complimentary copy of my new Kindle eBook that invites you and I to practice and engage in Nursing from Within.

Enjoy the day. Thank you for reading. Pause and revel in the beauty of the stillness. 

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

“I’m a Nurse, but I’m Not Sure I LOVE Nursing Anymore! Can You Help Me?”


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