Video Blog: Rushing to Work?

by | Feb 28, 2014 | 2 comments

What is your work commute like? Are you listening to the news? Do you think about the day ahead? What is going through your mind as you travel to your job?

In today’s video tip I share with you how to bring more enjoyment to your work day, even before you get there!

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  1. Marti Hansen

    As I drive to work I listen to a favorite radio station and try to concentrate on what is being discussed. As I drive, there is one area where I come up over a hill and can see the entire L.A. basin and the beautiful view! Sometimes there’s a gorgeous full moon or a sliver and planet over L.A and the ocean. Other times when the sun is setting, there is a colorful sunset just going down over the ocean! There are times when I can even see Catalina Island, a lovely resort area 25 miles across the Pacific Ocean from L.A. I always look forward to what beauty I’m going to see as I drive up over the hill. Occasionally what lies ahead as far as work creeps into my brain and then I realize that what will be, will be. I can’t change what patients I have or what tasks I have to do but I can change my attitude and how I forge ahead accepting whatever challenges there may be. LIfe is short. Notice, enjoy and focus on the beauty that is all around rather than the negative.

    • Elizabeth Scala

      Wonderfully said, Marti. Well said. Thank you. Your drive to work sounds exquisite! I’d love to have your view. Enjoy your day today, Elizabeth


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