What does a bloated belly have to do with nursing from within?

by | Mar 27, 2014 | 0 comments

I’ve been feeling rather gas-y lately. Too much information? Not for nurses! I was at a lunch yesterday where the opening topic was a presentation about stool.

And yes, maybe sharing with you that my stomach’s been upset is a bit much, yet here’s the teaching point. Right into it- short and sweet!

Get in touch with your body!

It’s so interesting to me that we all seek outside assistance for our own well-being. We purchase books, products and expensive self-help programs. We attend workshops, trainings and group courses. Even me, I work with a coach and at times have worked with numerous coaches on each separate area of my life.

We’re looking outside of ourselves when really all we have to do is look within.

The gas I’ve been having is a loud and clear signal:

‘You’ve been eating CRAP!’

I’ve been extremely busy with my part-time job, speaking engagements and the Art of Nursing program. I start off good in the morning: my salad, hard boiled egg, and smoothie. Lunch comes and not bad: veggies, fruit, a sandwich and sometimes some pretzels or something. Dinner hits and I’m a mess. And then my stomach screams at me loud and clear.

‘What are you doing to me!?!?’

And it’s more than just physical cues based on what we eat. We are getting signs and signals all day from our body. Having a headache? Maybe you’re dehydrated. Feeling irritable? When was the last time you ate? Something hurting? Are you using proper lifting techniques? Trouble concentrating? Maybe it’s time to get some quality sleep.

Today, I encourage you to slow down. Instead of rushing through, working through the pain and just avoiding the nagging little symptoms coming your way- listen.

Listen to the body’s wisdom.

You have the answers within. You have the necessary components to make a change. You have the potential to be, do and have whatever it is you want.

I know I shared a lot on the physical side today. This can also be applied to your mental/emotional health as well. These concepts can be put into practice to help you make difficult decisions. These ideas can lead you to the answers you may be searching for.

Yes, it’s great to ask for help. I am all about going out there and getting support. We don’t have to do things on our own. AND there is great wisdom within.

Balance out the advice and guidance you receive from others with the inner knowledge at your very finger tips.

Tap into the Nurse Within.

I’d love to hear from you! Comments? Questions? We’ve been a little quiet here on the blog. Go ahead and leave something below to let me know that you’re out there reading. Thank you and enjoy the day.


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