Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast for Nurses and Nursing Students

Your Next Shift offers a dynamic listening experience. Host Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN, HNB-BC has strategically crafted a program that provides both practical strategies and inspiring nursing career stories.

Weekly episodes present listeners with mindset shifts to be themselves and career techniques to do their best. Guest interviews illustrate the importance of showing up as ourselves in our work, while giving us concrete methods to do so. Your Next Shift, which informs, educates and up-levels our nursing career, certainly is cutting edge in the healthcare environments of today.

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Be Curious and Grow into Nursing Leadership

Sandra Davidson, RN, MSN, PhD is the Associate Dean – Undergraduate Nursing Programs in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. She has served in leadership roles in both clinical and academic settings at many levels. Sandra's career has focused on...

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Transformational Leadership in Action

Dan Weberg, RN, PhD, MHI is an experienced and disruptive nursing and healthcare innovation leader with experience across large integrated health systems, academia, and hospital based education.  Dan recently published a book called Leadership for Evidence Based...

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Observe, Learn and Grow as a Nurse: EPS 189

Observe, Learn and Grow as a Nurse Nurses, do you remember that feeling when you were just starting out in nursing school? The sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the joy of nursing you were about to embark upon. This next guest reminds us to focus on the patient...

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Artistic Nursing Creates Connections: EPS 188

Artistic Nursing Creates Connections Nurses, it is time to be re-inspired. Feeling tired with your nursing role? Stuck in the medical model that attempts to stifle the nursing spirit? This next guest brings us back to the core of why it is that we nurse. A few take...

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Share Your Special Gifts in Service: EPS187

Share Your Special Gifts in Service You are a unique nurse, did you know that? That’s right – each nurse in a special individual who has gifts and talents to offer the world. This next guest reminds us that it’s OK, even necessary, to be ourselves. A few take aways...

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Nurses Serve Others and Ourselves: EPS 186

Nurses Serve Others and Ourselves Nurses, it’s time to give it all you’ve got. That’s right, remember… nursing is a career of service. And who better to serve than yourself? The very best way to continue to go that extra mile is through being mindful to take care of...

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